Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unsafe Sex: Wrap it up

Did You Know:
40% of New Yorkers with more than one partner have engaged in sex without a condom?
Courtesy of NY Metro

How about,
11% of New Yorkers (about 610,000 adults) had multiple partners within a years time leading up to the city Health Department survey?
Courtesy of NY Metro

5% of New Yorkers were married or in a significant relationship and had more than one partner during the same time bracket?
Courtesy of NY Metro

And that. . .
You have to wait about one month after unsafe sex to be tested?
Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Or that Surprisingly,
34% of men and 10% of women have told lies in order to have sex?
Courtesy of Leadership U.

68% of men and 59% of women have been involved with more than one person that their current partner doesn't know about?
Courtesy of Leadership U.

47% of men and 42% of women would understate the number of their previous partners in order to convince someone to have sex?
Courtesy of Leadership U.

Condoms have a poor record for prevention of pregnancy, with failure rates of up to 13% or more per year. (Jones, E.F., and Forrest, J.D., "Contraceptive Failure in the United States: Revised Estimates...," Family Planning Perspectives, 21:3, May/June 1989) ?
Courtesy of Leadership U.

As well as. . .
80% of people who have a sexually transmitted disease experience no noticeable symptoms. (Moscicki, B., et al, "The Use and Limitations of Endocervical Gram Stains...," American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 157:1, July, 1987)
Courtesy of Leadership U.

And sadly,
The Pill fails 6.2% of the time.

The condom fails 14.2% of the time.

The diaphragm fails 15.6% of the time.

Spermicide fails 26.3% of the time.
Courtesy of Leadership U.

oh, and. . .

"Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex, cause you don't

want that late text, that " I think I'm late" text, so wrap it up"

- Lil Wayne

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