Monday, July 21, 2008

Teen Vogue

Sorry for the hiatus and lack of posts there of, I have been getting ready for my informative interview with TEEN VOGUE!! After searching for the perfect outfit, sprucing up the tidbits on my resume, collecting copies of the F&F posts and polishing up my portfolio, I think that I am ready to give it a go. While I may not be the most experienced in 4 Times Sq, I can hold a conversation and speak in a very articulate and orate manner. You must be able to sell yourself by highlighting your skills and abilities (great qualities to strengthen what may appear to be a weakness, but in all actuality a work in progress - sounds better). So, my sincerest apologies for making you comment on old posts!!

Wish me LUCK!!

I'll be back in the flow of things ASAP! Until then, escape the heat and enjoy your day! ; )

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Missy. I know you will do great.