Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Continuing the Trend: Liquid Leggings

In previous months, fashion forecasters predicted the black liquid leggings would become a hit. With personal doubt and no intent on purchasing the item, I expected this trend to stay on one side of the fashion line: where the celebrities reign. Much to my surprise liquid leggings are still a growing trend and is still featured in magazine articles as a must have style staple. I still hesitate to try them out, seeing as they are skin tight and appear to be painted on. With curves and such, the unwanted attention on the streets is guaranteed and despite that other curvy stars strut their stuff in them, I lack the body guards to defend me. ah well.

First, these stunning stars went out and purchased their form fitting leggings paired with boots & heels, black tops and jackets:

Now, you can get your hands on your own pair.

 - Liquid Leggings ; Members Only - Liquid Leggings ; American Apparel - Liquid Leggings ; Ron Herman - Liquid Leggings

Stay tuned for more trends. . . ; )


tiffany said...

Girl, you can wear those leggings! Just make sure that your butt is covered. You can pair it with a tunic sweater or a cute tee shirt...Some good examples of what you could wear with it would be Rihanna!

Anonymous said...

yea i agree n disagree with you... i would NEVER wear liquid leggings but YOU have the body for it so....give it a shot and try one on!!!!!!!!!