Friday, July 25, 2008

Trend: Man-bags?

As celebs are deemed to be the roadrunners in the fashion world, it is easy to see why so many admirers attempt to jump on the bandwagon and scramble out to purchase their rendition of the looks gracing the red carpet. While women are generally found sporting a masculine look with a twist, such as dress suits and fedora's, in today's fashion frenzy the tables have turned. Amongst celebs and fans alike, men have been spotted toting around over sized handbags. My initial reaction to the trend is pretty uneasy. I'm not too sure how I'd feel if my man walked around sporting a tote that was not only bigger than mine, but cuter. He'd definitely have to call in reinforcement because we'd have a problem. However, when a celebrity does it, there's just something about their swagger, arrogance, confidence and attitude that makes it acceptable. Like Pharrell for instance. . .

With his driven attitude and crazy fashion sense consistently on the rise and firmly represented and supported, who can question whether or not what he rocks is hot? I wouldn't. While it's hard for some dudes to rock a fitted properly, jeans that rest anywhere above their knees, and tee's with appropriate sizes, Pharrell's style is above and beyond the fad's. I applaud him for being brave, going against the odds and looking damn good while doing it. To be exact, Pharrell shamelessly lugs around a customized "Haut a Courroie" purple croc Hermes travel bag which he had handmade in a Paris shop.

In his interview with Paper mag, he comments:

"Don't call it a purse [...] its not a man purse. It's my travel bag"

Even Hip Hop's self-acclaimed "Louis Vuitton Don" has been seen in ads with a metallic LV bag in hand, not losing an ounce of street credibilty let alone a drip of masculinity.

Kanye's set to team up with LV as well as Takashi Murakami to launch his very own men's shoe line with hopes of also branching out for a women's shoe collection.

He, too, made a statement about his bag and style speaking with Guardian paper . . .

"I'm here for Louis. I grew up with the Louis look, you know. I just love the style"

. . .So, what do you think? Think it's a fashion do or don't?

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