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This Weeks Stylista's!

This Week These Ladies Have Stepped Up and Stepped Out Looking Their Best. . .

Friday, November 07, 2008

Ms. Kelly is Back!!

Upcoming Album Release!!

Although she has taken a hiatus overseas, Ms. Kelly is set to debut her THIRD album in March 09'. Look out for the album, ladies!!

Best Friends. . . Forever?

All too often, groups and pairs of friends begin to disconnect and take different paths. From parting ways for college, overbearing workloads, obsessive boyfriends and cat fights, there's always a hurdle in the female friendship.

Take Iyanna for instance. . .

Freshman year of college, no friends and a new campus. Finally identifying with another female on campus was not only an uplift but a brand new experience unto itself. She had male friends, ONLY. From shopping to outings, she was the leading lady. Having female friends was seemingly a stretch because her trust was hard to come by and her instant prejudgement came naturally. The typical 'all girls are 'catty' type. Becoming best friends with another girl on campus proved to be an ultimate freshman experience, from the clubs to the bar to on campus events. Three's a crowd, but two worked perfectly for them. Sophomore year rolls around and housing assignments change a bit. Iyanna rooms with six other girls, one of which not her freshman BFF. All by choice, all agreed and all understood. But when roommate bonding becomes a priority, her freshman bff becomes an 'option', so she assumes. Why do girls always become jealous when their original BFF branches off and attempts to add to the group? Is it because they choose not to share the attention? Because they feel they could be easily replaced? Or do they become materialistically jealous of the new found member? Have you had this problem? How do you solve the situation? Or does the situation solve itself?

And then, there's Jordan. . .

From childhood to young adulthood, her circle of friends evolved into a sisterhood. No need for the additional side friendships, they were each others backbones and were perfectly content with just the six of the them. From toothaches to heartaches they argued, fought and cried it out until the problem ceased to exist. Then they fell in love. With the new boyfriend always comes the friend who envy's, the overprotective cousin, and the blinded by love fictional 'princess' of the bunch. Losing one and adopting another man is not an easy adjustment for the other five, but hey they all manage to let is pass, right? Wrong. Being the friend who is the most loving, accepting, giving, and most judgemental all in one package, it was Jordan's turn to fall for a man. Not just any man, but one that evolved from a friend, to a brother, to an interest. As the other five encouraged her to woo him with her 'sweetheart' persona, the only barrier and hurdle was his unavailability. So, maybe he was talking to someone, but shes not a close friend and technically they're not together, right? Sort of. With a year rolling by, emotions and such a strong connection fluctuating from one really good day, to a really 'slap in the face day', it was time for it all to hit the fan. And when it did, girl did it hit hard. It was like a ten-way war between texting, instant messaging, facebook, phone calls, and emails of conversations being forwarded. Everyone had something to say and everyone was talking. In the end, friendships were lost, grudges were held and the only two who stood and stood together, were Jordan and the guy. After a long fought battle with delayed gratification why let go of all you've ever wanted to make your friends happy? Besides they're in love and happy and at one point you thought they could and should do better. 27 days later, her call log and text inbox has been hypnotized by his charming 'good mornings' and mushy 'i miss you's'. In the end, the sisterhood still stands, but their approval of the guy is still in the air. Ever been in love? Love that can finally be embraced after fighting against the odds - your best friends?

Meet Gabrielle. . .

Turning to your best friends is always a girls first and last resort. For the most part, they're not afraid to get down and dirty with tears, smeared eye liner and tissues. They immediately respond to the 'i need you now' text and they generally tell you what you want to hear. Sometimes, however, you just need a guys P.O.V. Every girl has a big brother, from birth or an 'adopted' older brother, there's always that one guy you can turn to. Dishing on the goods about your new guys is exciting for you, your bursting with smiles and skipping words just to get everything that happened on your first date out in one breath. For you it's sunny side up, then comes the rain. Big brother doesn't approve. He says 'He's a basketball player. . .You're not the only girl he talks to. . . you deserve better. . . there's just something about him. . .I'm disappointed'. Those last words feel like a thorn stinging her in the spine. Out of all of the emotions her story could possibly stir up in big brother's head, did disappoint have to be it? The only one that would make her re-analyze the date and consider ditching the 'player'. It sucks when you feel like your smile is truly genuine and one of your biggest comforts makes you uncomfortable. What then? Do you take his words so literal and miss out on the guy to erase big brothers disappoint? Or do you let him know where you hide the key to your heart is solely based on your comfort, and his support is all you wanted out of the chitchat? Have you ever been in such a catch?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hair Care is Health Care

How often should I grease my scalp? Is it really necessary to see my hairdresser every two weeks? Whats better, a texturizer or a relaxer? Is mixing a relaxer at home just as good as the products used in the salon?

I bet these are all questions on top of your mind when you're in the hair care aisle at your local CVS or Walgreen's or when chatting it up with your girlfriends over lunch. As with all hygiene care, there's always myths swirling inside and outside the salon. Lucky for the F&F readers, Mrs. K of Hairs Kay, clears it up for all the sisters desiring healthy locks.

Myth: My hairdresser tells me to grease my scalp often because my scalp tends to dry up.

False: Mrs. K says that greasing your scalp clogs your pores. By eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, your hair hydrates itself without the dependency of dandruff shampoos and hair grease.

Concern: Even with the proper hydration my scalp is still dry and itchy.

Mrs K.: Dry and itchy scalp can be the result of a hormonal imbalance, stress, or medication. Birth control is considered a medication btw.

Myth: My hairdresser tells me to come to the salon for a wash every two weeks.

False: Mrs. K says reminds us that our scalp is an extension of our skin. If we bathe daily, we should be washing our hair more frequently as well. A wash every week and eating properly will keep your hair in good shape.

Concern: I am a college student, and going to the salon weekly can become expensive. However, while doing my hair on my own i use a blow dryer and a flat iron which dries my hair out. What should i do?

Mrs. K. recommends that when using heating products such as a flat iron, to use a ceramic product. Brands such as Golden Hot will only damage your hair. To avoid applying such heat to your locks, try towel drying your hair and letting it air dry naturally before flat ironing it straight. Also, try to use the same products you use in the salon so that your hair care treatment remains consistent. Every woman should know what products are being used on their hair when going to salon.

Concern: What can I do to keep my hair healthy?

Mrs K has a salon policy of no chips or soda. Drinking caffeine and eating chips have a lot of salt which contributes the build up and clogging of the pores in your scalp. By eating fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and using the bathroom after each meal, it allows you to have a clean beautiful scalp.

Concern: Should I untangle my hair or improve the conditions of my hair prior to my salon visit?

Mrs. K says absolutely NOT!! Brushing your hair causes discomfort because the bristles irritate your scalp. Also refrain from putting you hair in tight ponytails on the day of your appointment. Simply allow you hair enough time to breath prior to your salon visit.

Preference: Relaxer or Texturizer?

Concern: I do not go to the salon anymore because i feel it is cheaper to do it in my own home. Are there any risks doing my hair without the provision of a professional?

Mrs. K. replies absolutely!! Never do your own relaxer. There may be trace elements left in your hair after being applied. Another person has an overview of your head where they can assure that everything is properly rinsed out. It also allows them to time and monitor your hairs reaction to the chemicals. Also, with allowing someone at home to apply your relaxer do not use mixers!! Mixers are calcium based which makes the hair and scalp hard.

For more information on Mrs. K, check her out here.

For appointment and pricing inquiries:

Hair's Kay Beauty Salon, LLC.
143 Fitch Street
New Haven, CT 06515
(203) 389 - 7282

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AND WE DID!!!!!!!








Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beauty Trend Alert!!

Beyond the Fashion Phenomena gracing the runways during Fashion Week, beauty trends made their prescence on the beauty's as well.

Winged Eyeliner. . .

Do we love it?

D.I.Y: According to the pro's over at

"Begin lining from the middle of your eye to the outer corner, and then wing up from the outer edge. Go over your creation once or twice and follow with several coats of mascara for an everlasting finish.'

Create the look with a neutral shadow such as Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in Beige 76, $18, at on the lid. Next, use a soft or liquid black pencil such as MAC Cosmetics Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline, $14.50, at "

Model Makeover: The Winged Eye with a little less drama.

Model: Crystal.

"Que Lindo Mami, I Love it!"

Chanel or Jourdan?

“This time they (designers and magazine editors) have stepped it up. I feel
positive. That means that I can go soon,” she told the Times Reporter. The
38-year-old British muse told a London Times reporter that she’s proud to see more Black models getting some shine on major fashion magazine covers and now might be the perfect time for her to bow out.

Naomi Campbell + D.I.H+ Jourdan Dunn

*With Naomi walking hand in hand with Brazilian designer Daniella Issa Helayel’s during the finale of the show with the 18 year old rising phenomena Jourdan Dunn. Many speculate that this was Naomi's way of passing the torch and displaying Dunn as her protege.

Naomi Campbell + Chanel Iman

On the other hand, let's not forget the fabulous fashion face off as Chanel Iman worked the runway side by side with Naomi at her Fashion for Relief fashion show.

You be the judge: Who's next to take on the thrown once the Queen herself calls it quits?


At this year's Primetime Emmy Awards, celebs alike were on their A-game and stepped on the carpet in style.

My Glamorous Gals. . .

Audra McDonald looks stunning in a one-strapped floor length gown. The sheer train is the perfect addition.

Vanessa Williams graces the red carpet in a black and white masterpiece by Kevan Hall.

Taraji P. Henson dares to be different in a black flowing dress with a cheetah print decorating the top.

And As Always. . .

Daddy Knows Best.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Her Written Thoughts: Page 4

Thursdays To Do List:

Papers [x]

Tests [x]

Meeting at two [x]

'Sex in the City' Lunch for four [x]

Work from 2 – 5 [x]

Return Calls+Emails [x]

Publish post [x]

Shower [x]

It's about that time.
5 roommates. Full effect. Indirect. The 'open closet policy'. Our dollhouse. Pampering. Speakers blasting. Mirrors occupied. Messy room. Scattered MAC pallets. Two Dabs of Perfume. One Pile of Peep-toe heels. A Little Black Dress. Making quite the impression.
Cash, check.
Cell, check.
Lip gloss, check.
Teeth check.
My girls, check check check.
Its Thursday. College Thursdays. Thirsty Thursdays. The Ride. The crowds. The Lineups. The 'Eligible'. Kiss me, I’m Single. They look. They reach. They signal. With whispers and whistles. I strut. Making Minor side glances. Switching to the beat. Rhythm in each step. Like a boss. A showstopper. vain? pure confidence. i wear it on my sleeve. I take command. Full control and demand. The eyes. The stares. The gazes. Never stopping for small talk. The line? To the front. The Bar? To the front. The dance floor? Center stage. With a man? I think not. My right. My left. My girls. My smile. My charm. My moves. Just for me. Not looking. Searching. Wondering. Wanting. Or Yearning for ‘him’. Its all about ME. New, New. New semester. Scene. Style. Agenda. Not Hidden nor Hurting. First Things First. Putting Me First. Discontinued search for Happiness. Can I find it in me? Oh, i can find it in me. Or is having a man necessary? He's A necessity. Not necessarily. A smile. I created. A relationship, all my own. What better love. No better love. Than the love I have for me. Let’s make a toast. Here's To: Perfectly happy before ‘happily every after’. A fairy tale of my own. My horse and carriage. Just me and my girls.

Click! Click! Click! Flash

Ciara is taking it all off and getting down and dirty in this month's issue of Vibe Magazine. The sexy stallion is dishing about her 'Fantasy Ride' album, hush-hush celeb relationships, and stripping off the fitted and baggy jeans. With such a seductive photo shoot, one would assume the album is reaching a more mature, sexy, 'good girl gone bad' type of direction, but Ciara makes it clear that she's simply trying something new. Still maintaining her sweet and sleek persona, it is clear to see it takes more than a charming smile to woo this songstress and more than one interview to get her to dish about who she really is.

And, just a major bite. . .

I Love,Love,Love her record 'Click Flash'. Check it out ladies! Definitely a song to strike a pose to with the girls!!

Keeps on getting better!

Since I've been gone, the promo photos that are making a hit have been just my taste and just my style. And of course, they have been the women who have graced F&F on numerous occasions. You may have seen them, but if you haven't Ms.Elise has got you covered.

Taking it up a notch, Rihanna continues to give off edge and sex appeal. . .

. . . in her new dark and dramatic shots. Her next album is said to be taking the Caribbean songstress to even higher levels than 'Good Girl Gone Bad'. I'm excited for a couple of tracks to hit the mainstream but I'm more so excited about the fashion picks she'll be rocking in upcoming paparazzi shots. ; ). But that's just me!

And leave it to B to switch it up from commercial shots like L'Oreal to high fashion fierceness . . .

. . . I am anxiously awaiting her next album drop. hey, or even movie premiere. Despite those who knock her, Beyonce never gets old in my book.

Even Dawn of Danity is taking a shot at solo stardom with these new shots. . .

With the spotlight place on one barbie out the bunch, looks like trouble in the Dollhouse.
You guys/ gals have any promo shots F&F worthy? Get em' to me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today's Beauty Secrets

Take it from the PRO's!
Wondering how to get that celeb look at home?

With the help of makeup artist Pat McGrath and hair stylist Guido Palau, all your wonders can be put to rest and put to the test.

Grab a pen and start taking notes, I definitely did after reading this!

1) For a strong intense eye look, wet your brush before dipping into shadow to pick up more color."

2) "To give skin a sheen that looks natural, apply cream highlighter to the brow bones, cheekbones, and the bridge of the nose using your finger."

3) "Lips lose some of their natural color with age. Nude lipstick gives them a boost and compliments dark eye makeup"

& Palau says. . .

"If your roots are oily, pat a small amount of baby powder on them and brush through!"

Fashion For A Cause

Chanel Iman + Naomi Campbell

The two baddest women in the game strut their stuff simultaneously at Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief Fashion Show in London.

Both, rocking the same sleeveless frilled dress in different colors (Naomi is elegant in Black and Chanel is Pretty in Pink), took fierce to a new fashion forward level, demanding full attention of the audience at Naomi's annual event benefiting a charity for expecting mothers. With twenty years whirling between the two runway goddess', it is easy to see that Naomi has a protege that doesn't only walk in her path, but struts by her side.

No need to be one step behind Naomi's success, Chanel Iman is ripping the runway side by side.

Fakes Are Never In Fashion

From Louis to Gucci, we all have spotted the fakes in the bunch. The boosters and the hustlers bargain with prices to get every female trotting the streets to pick up an "authentic" designer bag for less. However, when the police come patrolling through, how quickly they pack up and wheel out giving you the wrong change? Ring too many bells? Well, while it is evidently unethical and illegal, just who's actually doing something about it? Harper's Bazaar has an ongoing campaign 'Fakes Are Never In Fashion' to help do something about the counterfeit handbags and designer items being produced and sold today.

Wondering if your new steal is legit? Here some tips straight from

Harper's Bazaar. . .


Spotting a knock-off is more difficult than you may think. Use the tips below as a checklist to avoid buying a fake.

1. Location, Location, Location. First and foremost, purchasing luxury goods at a brand’s boutique, website or authorized dealer is your best bet to insure buying a genuine product. Items at flea markets, home parties, from street vendors, or unauthorized websites are likely to be fake.

2. The Price is RightQuality and exclusivity account for the high price of luxury goods. Thus, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

3. Construction SitesCraftsmanship is a main point of distinction with luxury goods. Sloppy stitches in less visible areas—such as the underside of a product or inside pockets—is likely the result of counterfeit production.

4. Package DealLuxury retailers meticulously package their products, including tissue paper, authenticity cards, product care information, superior quality boxes, and shopping bags. If you see a plastic wrap covering or a flimsy dust bag, it's probably a fake. For example, counterfeit manufacturers will often wrap the handles of handbags in plastic.

5. Spell-checkCounterfeiters will often misspell designer names. Check for letters that are swapped or a letter that is capitalized that shouldn’t be, and vice versa.

6. Check the HardwareWith most luxury accessories, you will find the logo on all the metal pieces, such as zippers, latches, snaps, and buckles.

7. Read the LabelIn a genuine article of luxury clothing, most often the label is stitched in, whereas counterfeit clothes are likely to have a less expensive hangtag. Also, check the country of origin on the label.

8. Timely TipsMakers of fake watches may not replicate unusual features, such as a helium relief valve. If the feature is available, often times it does not function.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Note From Yours Truly

My sincerest apologies.

From moving back home,

To moving back on campus,

Buying Books,

And the first week of classes,

It is unmistakably clear that blogging has yet to make it into my schedule.

I cannot even name when I have been on the Internet for personal use, seeing as it has strictly been course related and textbook related.

Don't fret, i will be back as soon as my busy busy campus schedule will allow it.

But until then, definitely check out the blogs I've listed. These girls have mastered blogging and never fall short of keeping you on your toes for the latest in fashion, music, love and life.

What's been happening at the close of your summer? Back to school too?

Talk to ya soon loves. ; )

- Yours Truly

Friday, August 15, 2008

Note From Yours Truly

Hey fabulous readers!

So this morning is my last morning in the office. Sad, I know. But, I am saying Bye-Bye to Brooklyn and Hello Boston. With that being said, I probably wont get around to posting until about the middle of next week. I'll be moving from here, to Boston, then back to CT Tuesday to school. I enjoyed my summer and my internship here and I have lots to blog about. Look out for my last 'NYC Experience' post that will catch you guys up on all the fun I've had.

Thanks for all the support & positive feedback. Toodles.
Talk to ya soon Ladies! ; )
- Yours Truly

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today's Beauty Secret

Vaseline is a miracle drug!

"Vaseline is your best friend. Vaseline is a great, cheap eye makeup remover. It's also great for fixing chapped, scaly lips. Slather on a bunch of Vaseline, then use a toothbrush to massage lips. Wipe the excess off on a tissue. Your lips will be smooth and soft." - Julyne Derrick


My personal favorite use.
When you spend the night out and do not have your makeup essentials to do the works, what's in your handbag will do just fine. Take out the MAC khol liner I recommended ya. By simply tracing your bottom lid and lining the top lid, youre almost there. Next, dab your hand in vaseline and lightly smear it on your eye lids above the liner. It gives off the shimmery/ glossy look a creme or matte shadow would. Next take the same finger and rub it across your lashes. It also makes the lashes stand out and makes them appear longer. Trust me, it works. Plus, its cheap, quick, and easy. - Yours truly.

Must-See TV

For me, It's All About The CW, baby.

My Fall Semester Looks Something Like This. . .

Gossip Girl - Premieres 9/18

Synopsis:"Welcome to New York's Upper East side where the wealthy and connected mingle at benefits and try to deal with their always dramatic love lives, not to mention picking colleges. Blair Waldorf is the so-called toast of adolescence in her world; she and her friends, Kati Farkas and Isabel Coates, go to a prep school and fancy parties with their rich parents. Blair is envied by her adversaries because she is thought to have the perfect life, not just because of her gorgeous boyfriend, Nate Archibald, but because she's also planning on getting into her dream college,Yale. With everyone worried about college(or procrastinating on worrying, which everyone seems to be doing), and senior year dragging along, her seemingly perfect life is interrupted by her ex-best friend, the beautiful Serena van der Woodsen, coming back into town after getting kicked out of boarding school. Serena comes back into her life, and into the eyes of Blair's boy friend. When everything Blair knows starts to fall apart, everyone will realize that her life is far from perfect. Will life in the the Upper East Side redeem itself of what it's really supposed to be? Or will the false facade reveal that the rich have the same problems as the not so rich (Jenny and Dan Humphrey), if not more. And just maybe Jenny and Dan are all the more happy with their simple, not so expectant lives" - Source

The Game - Premieres 10/3

Synopsis:"Melanie Barnett (Tia Mowry) is a first-year medical school student who has given up an offer of admission to John Hopkins University's medical school in Baltimore to follow her boyfriend Derwin (Pooch Hall), a professional football player, to San Diego, against the advice of her parents. Derwin is a first-year rookie with a fictional team called the "San Diego Sabers". As Melanie settles into her new life, she meets Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson), the mother of Sabers' starting quarterback Malik (Hosea Chanchez), and Kelly (Brittany Daniel), the wife of Sabers' captain Jason (Coby Bell). As she learns to balance her new roles as both med student and the partner of an NFL player, Tasha and Kelly immediately warn her to keep a close eye on her boyfriend because of the numerous "gold diggers" who approach the professional football players." source

And my secret. . .Cheetah Girls.

I actually like Disney Movies. Still a kid at heart. You know you have your kid moments. Laughing with the girls will never get old, so watching the Cheetah Girls as cheesy as their lines and songs get, it always a smile creator.

The thirds set to premiere 8/22

Synopsis: Chanel (Adrian Balion), Dorinda (Sabrina Bryan), and Aqua (Keily Williams) are back in the trequal of "The Cheetah Girls." In this film, the girls get cast in a Bollywood movie while Galleria is at college in England, so the girls travel to India. Once they're there, they find out that director wants one of the girls to be casted in the Bollywood movie. The girls have to figure out if they are sticking it together, or go alone.

Not To Mention My Obsession. . . Which airs for the 11th season on 9/3!

What's your Fall lineup? ; )

Want a Trip To Paris. . .

. . .Via 'vos lèvres' (your lips) ?

"Juicy Tubes transports you to Paris, where can-can dancers light up the stage at the Moulin Rouge"

Well, Today must be yours, as well as mine, lucky day! Lancôme has just released their limited edition Rose Fishnets Juicy Tubes colour. At $18 a pop, you can get a glimpse of a french maid fantasy come true by getting your lips on this must-have lip love. The gloss is pink with a hint of gold shimmer, just my taste. Not to mention, the bottle is decked out in sexy black fishnet and a elegant lace pattern. Oo-La-La! This beauty enticement is sold exclusively at Sephora and the Lancôme site. So, don't hesitate to make a purchase because the next beauty buff won't. Especially not yours truly. Talk about a french kiss ; ).

Eliminating the EXTRA Baggage!

All too often women tote around the over sized yet fashionable big black handbag. You know you have yours. I admit I can't leave the house without my black Juicy Couture Day Dreamer Velour Tote. Like most, it's generally congested (yes, congested) with multiples of one product, old receipts, crumbs, change, and hair pins. Sound similar to your daily disaster? When it's time to check out at the register it takes minutes on top of minutes to scramble through it looking for your debit card or the exact change, or even worse, finding your subway card when you hear the train pulling up to the platform. To all my bag ladies, this is holding you up and slowing you down. As an on-the-go girl things have to be at better access than it's been thus far and I'm here to help solve the baggage blockage with a bundle of necessities. Note: Need only one of each. Refill when necessary, not just to swallow space. So without further or do, for the excessive clutter mayhem I give you 'a girls guide to light weight toting'.

The Essentials:

1. Hand Lotion - With all outings, washing your hands is a must and they will get dry following the bathroom visit. (Aveda Hand Lotion is a great product). 2. Mints - After/Prior to dinner a tooth brush is not accessible and gum will only make you hungrier. Pop one of these in. 3. Hand Sanitizer - After riding the subway, being outside, and shaking people's hands your hands are congested with germs, so just to be on the safe side use a dab. 4. Sidekick LX -or any cellular device. A girl can't function without her connection to her besties. 5. Debit Cards- Depending on where you're headed carrying around a wad of money can be all too dangerous. Keep it quick and easy with at debit in hand. 6. Dove Cool Essentials Deodorant - Definitely the best deodorant around (let me just put that out there). Raising your arm on the subway or while dancing crazily would not possible, better yet comfortable, for you or those surrounding you without sweat guard. 7. Feminine Wipes - You never know when the dinner can lead to a night cap. After dancing and sweating the night away, hygiene may not be on point. Take a quick steal to the bathroom and freshen up (Try Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths). 8. Mirror - Looking your best is of high importance. You don't want lunch stuck in your teeth now do you ladies? 9. Lip gloss - Is yours poppin'? Have the right gloss from the splurge worthy ones to the drugstore favorites. Only one is necessary and just to be a little lenient having a chap stick or lip balm as backup is acceptable seeing as reapplying gloss at 2am is a sticky situation. Also guys for some reason cant get with the gloss.( Try L'Oreal Colour Juice) 10. Eye Pencil - As the evening hours start to roll around, your day time makeup is just that day wear. To add a little edge have a pencil at hand. Also when it starts to run and smudge beneath the eye giving you the 'black eye' appeal, it's a vivid warning to retrace the lower lid ( I adore MAC Kohl Liner). 11. Cash- Ladies, if you're on a date be on the safe side and have enough to cover your meal in case you have to walk out on a cheap brotha' and leave him to wash the dishes in the back. You're way too fly. Also in case of an emergency cab trip or dead phone battery have singles and change. 12. Body Spray - After the perfume wears off, reapplying the fragrance can be a bit too strong and ultimately lure in the unwanted nightlife bugs. Body Spray is light and feminine (I love Pearberry from Bath&Body Works). 12. Wallet - Lastly, have a wallet. With your I.D's, Cash, and Debit needed don't let them float around and add to the unwanted clutter. Do a little organization within organization by having a wallet handy (My favorite are from Nine West. The Zebra Print is my next steal!).

The Extra Essentials:

Yes, there are a few exceptions:

1. Condoms - Especially for college students and the single sass. Having your own condoms guarantees safety. Your body is a temple and by no means do you want pregnancy, STD's, or HIV to intrude upon it. As my cousin wisely told me prior to entering the college world 'you never know when something's going to pop off'. Safe Sex 2. Keys - Getting locked out after drinking, partying, and sore feet, the last thing you want is to be stranded on the front porch or lawn. 3. Ipod - Music is my life and without it, the long bus rides from school and the paper marathons wouldn't be possible. I understand if your tunes are tugging at your leg and must accompany every trip. 4. Medication - From birth control, to allergy pills, over-the-counter and more serious medications, your health is number one. 5. Tampons/Pads/Panty Liners - Aunt Flo came for a visit at the worst time possible? Let's not leave the room with a grand exit. Better safe than sorry girls.

** For tips on how to clean your already worn out handbag check out Staci's blog at Handbag Report. Tell her I sent ya ; )

Whats in your bag? : )

Video Fab: 'Miss Independent'

My excitement, sitting on the edge of my seat, anticipating Neyo's 'Year of The Gentleman', was heightened even more after getting word on his upcoming video for 'Miss Independent'. Don't you just feel like that song is speaking directly to you? Well if the lyrics and suave vocals aren't enough to woo you, wait til' you see the official video that's set to premiere. Gabrielle Union, Keri Hilson, Lauren London and the eye candy that is Trey Songz are all set to make cameos in the video. Talk about an array of fabulosity at it's best. Try taking that all in in one breath. Well, I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see the vid. It's bound to make the countdown and I'll be sure to cast my vote for it. Until it premieres here's some video fab pics.