Monday, July 21, 2008

Teen Vogue Update!!

courtesy of teenvogue

Well, it didn't take long for this update, eh? The whole experience was remarkable. Stepping out of the subway and looking up at the Conde Nast building was breathtaking. Not that it stands any higher or more lit up than it's neighboring buildings, but just the knowledge that this could be my future office was absolutely nerve wrecking. As I repeatedly practiced my firm handshake and memorized questions I wanted to ask the beauty director, Eva Chen, I click-clacked into the building and made my way up to the ninth floor. Just being in the atmosphere and surrounded by the crazy fashion sense on the elevator was enough to blog about already! While waiting to be called in by Eva, my blogging buddy Connie (from my Meet,Greet, & Arepas post) strolled by and noticed me waiting. She came out, skimmed through my portfolio and gave me some words of encouragement. After all, she is the reason I scheduled this interview.

Thanks Connie!

Meeting with Eva was a-ma-zing! I learned sooo much! If just the interview provided me with such an abundance of tips and key points, imagine what spending a semester interning would provide me with! Eva expressed her love for beauty which she discovered as an intern at Harper's Bazaar, her must-have beauty products that are SPF products (sunblock, hand sanitizer) alongside lip balm & gloss, as well as what it's like to be an intern for the beauty department. I'm sure the excitement gleamed through my eyes and mouth as I smiled from ear to ear as she took me through a spin of what I consider to be my dream job! Simultaneously, I was able to interview for the Fall 08 Beauty Intern position with Beauty Assistant Maura Lynch!
Couldn't have asked for a better interview! It felt more like a conversation about common interests and experience. The nerves were left at the front door and I was able to be myself. I am blessed!

*I'm sure some of you are wondering how to get started yourselves, correct? Well here are a couple of tips I have gathered along the way!

1. Start a blog - starting a blog allows you to begin writing creatively while achieving a voice and your own writing style. It is one thing for you to enjoy your writing and for others to become interested and enjoy reading what you have to say.

2. Portfolio/Clippings - Similar to your resume, clippings of your writing will show your writing skills and techniques. Start with a school magazine, newspaper or yearbook. Any and every opportunity for you to write something that is published is good for your resume as well as providing hard copies to bring in on interviews for interviewers to read through.

3. Research - Browse through websites. There are so many different resources out there that will give you a heads up on who's hiring, how to afford housing while doing unpaid internships, and ways to prepare for interviews. Start with!

4. Network - As you read with one of my early posts. I met up with Connie from Teen Vogue just to learn more about the magazine industry and what interns assist with. Meeting Connie, is probably what allowed me to jump start my summer. all of her helpful tips, suggestions and contacts helped me to begin steps 1 - 3. Definitely network. Ask questions. Read the blogs of other writers. Also check out the Teen Vogue Intern Blog!

5. Applying - Be sure to have an updated, error-free resume! Your resume is your ticket in. Make sure all of your experiences are highlighted in order to attract the attention of the company by showcasing your versatility and strengths. Accompany your resume with an original cover letter which shows why you are applying, why you would be good for the job while elaborating on certain key aspects presented on your resume. Be personable and edgy, all the while showing professionalism and your ability to write.

6. Dress the part - Depending on where you interview, your outfit can be another way to show you mean business. Applying for a creative job? Fashion focused job? Corporate job? The November 2007 issue of Teen Vogue, which I found extremely helpful says:
  • Creative Job: funky print tops, rock a leather jacket in place of a traditional blazer, denim that makes a statement (preferably without holes)

  • Fashion-Focused Job: Killer shoes, anything unique that shows your personality, important accessories

  • Corporate Job: Preppy chic, ballet flats, mismatched suits

Wondering what I wore, huh? Would have been helpful to have taken a shot while I was dressed in my "modern geisha" look as I sported a high loose bun, summer-ready makeup, dress shirt and trendy belt, but hey heres some items shots.

Lastly, the interview! -Be prepared and confident! Sell yourself. Be down to earth, be you! Show them personality, edge, and youth. Individualism, work ethic, and a desire to learn something new will take you far.

And as my best friend said in an oh-so-cute Styrofoam plate message:



Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you!!!! I knew you would enjoy the Teen Vogue experience and like I mentioned before you are gonna do great in life and in everything that comes your THAT is the juicy style...unique, different, trendsetters, heartbreakers, achievers and much much more....CONGRATS!!!!!

Wes said...

Awwww.. Congrats! I'm so proud of you, I feel like I'm talking to my little sister!!! lol... Thanks for such a great, informative and inspiring post- I wish I could go back to college and do it all over again! Keep up the good work girl- you're DEFINITELY going places.

Connie said...

Yay! I'm glad you came! Everyone was talking about how sweet you were after you left!