Friday, July 25, 2008

Essence Chit Chats with Trey Songz

Recently, caught up with the R&B heart-throb Trey Songz, where he dished out his feelings on his evolution, music today, and presidential candidate Obama in a interview. After chopping off his braids, downsizing in his clothes, and expanding the direction of his music for his next album, Trey Songz' growth and maturity as not only a man but an artist is easily noted. No wonder he has girls and women alike throwing themselves at him. With his humble attitude and charming smile, he has become every teens crush as they sing along lick for lick to his Billboard charts "Trey Day" album. Respectively, with his new suave look and soulful vocals, women are beating down the door to get a piece of Songz since he has stepped into manhood. Unfortunately, he admits to having a leading lady in his life. Here's a snippet of the article:

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ESSENCE.COM: So I hear you're making a pretty big change soon…

Trey Songz: I cut my hair today. Everything I do in my life I do with a do-rag [laughs]. The braids are a part of me. It's been ten years, but I am tired of them.

ESSENCE.COM: How do you think fans will react?

Songz: Initially it might be a shocker, because for the three years that I've been in the spotlight, the public has always seen me with eight braids in my head. It's probably going to be a rough transition.

ESSENCE.COM: Is this change just another step in your evolution process?

Songz: With the new album, I am growing more into adulthood. I'm wearing my pants up a little more, my clothes are fitting [now], and I think it's time to step into manhood, so that's why [I decided to cut my hair.]

ESSENCE.COM: Speaking of new albums, I hear you've been burning the midnight oil in the studio as of late. What direction are you taking with this new LP?

Songz: I look to grow on every album. Musically, I have a soulful hip-hop edge, and I want to keep that base but also expand. I want to experiment with world music, soul, R&B, and a little bit of pop, while still keeping the essence of what I do.

ESSENCE.COM: Do you ever feel like the music today is missing something?

Songz: There is a lot of creativity and a lot of music of substance that doesn't get heard. I'd say it's more about what's missing from mainstream music. [The industry] wants a record that will stay in people's heads. If a song like Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" came out today, it would never get played. Everything has its place. R&B [is mostly] about love. Rappers talk about clubs. So you're either loving, having sex or in the club. I mean, Lil Wayne speaks about Al Sharpton on his new album but what's the single? "Lollipop." I dig people that try to get [a message] out. But everyone has to compromise a little piece of creativity to get a hit.

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