Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight


If you have yet to see 'The Dark Knight', I give you permission to put the navigation bar to better use and come back to F&F a little later. Get your tickets now! With $300 million in only 10 days, it is evidently and unmistakeably the must-see movie of the summer. As the film continues to obliterate box office records, I must admit that it lives up to the hype. While 'Batman' grossed $75.6 mil in it's second weekend reaching a domestic total of $314,245,000, 'The Dark Knight' is well on its way to surpassing this record as well as that of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and soon after 'Shrek 2' which peaked at $400 mil in 43 days. Warner Bros. head of distribution, Dan Fellman, believes that the film can reach $400 mil in about 18 days. Doesn't surprise me one bit. While they probably don't need my help, I think I'll set up a movie date and dish out another 24 bucks at the theatre. Encore anyone?

R.I.P Heath Ledger, who did a phenomenal job playing the role of 'Joker'. His character definitely made the movie. It takes true talent to take on such a character role and become the role while making it believable. (applause)

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Cav Bernah said...

best movie i have eva seen in a long time...

he was on meds anyway makes me think was he really acting or just being himself..

bet ya def a great movie