Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fashion Rocks 2008!

It's that time again pretties! The 5th annual Fashion Rocks concert is set to go down on September 5th at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, celebrating the relationship between fashion and music. Rihanna, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, And J.T and much more are scheduled to hit up the stage.

The two hour special airs the following Tuesday, September 9th, on CBS. All proceeds go to 'Stand Up Cancer'. You don't want to miss out!

And, for Fashion Rocks! magazine's 5th annual issue Justin Timberlake graces the coveted cover . . .

And Mrs. Carter appears in the issue looking gorgeous in her Giorgio Armani suit. . .

Style Crush: Cassie

Diddy or Ryan Leslie? Whoever her new beau is, they surely will be all smiles when courting Ms. Cassie. The model/ actress has been consistently popping up in pics looking fab at parties, red carpet affairs, and luncheons. As an undercover fashionista and fashion forward trendsetter, I'd say she keeps her look girly and cute but can work it just as fierce with a sexy yet sophisticated look. Dressed chic or street, Cassie's style turns head. It definitely turned mine. ; )

She pulls off sophistication with a hint of sex appeal at a Vogue event and DJ Cassidy party. . .

And has paparazzi flashing just as faithfully while heading to lunch. . .


Eva Mendes graces Interview Magazine

For the August 2008 Issue, David Colman of Interview Magazine sat down with actress Eva Mendes touching on celebrities and substance abuse and being a Cuban- American in the entertainment industry. I found this article particularly interesting because it's different from other articles I've posted on F&F. In Mario's interview he discussed his fight to help his mother through rehab, however, E.M herself was checked into Utah's Cirque Lodge rehabilitation center earlier this year. Often times celebrities shy away and refuse to answer such questions, whereas Eva is blunt and bold, and while she doesn't address her exact personal experience, she does address the issue amongst celebrities alike and it's heavy impact which many take jokingly and lightly

On substance abuse. . .
I’m not angry. But because celebrities’ lives are so visible, I think it
makes it look lighter than it is. I have a really good sense of humor, I’m just
very sensitive. The other day I was reading an article. I don’t even remember
who the actress was, but she’s been around for a long time. She said something
like, “I’m proud that I’ve had a whole career without making it to rehab.” I
thought, That’s such a negative twist on it. I’m proud of people who have the
determination and the fearlessness to actually go and face their demons and get
better. This is a life or death situation. Again, I’m not a spokesperson for
this, but it’s just that I want to support people for their decisions when they
do go in and get help.
Being Cuban - American

I would never call it a challenge. I think being a woman in Hollywood is a big enough challenge. It really is, man. I don't want to be one of those people who complain. But the lack of roles out there--it's unbelievable. I read a lot of scripts. I believe you've got to read one that you know you're not going to do, because you've got to educate yourself on what's out there to make the best decision for you. So it's challenging being a woman. Then there are other kinds of obstacles that come your way, but there are many times that being Latin has actually helped me, being a Cuban-American has helped me.

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For full article pick up the August 08 issue of Interview Magazine (on stands now)

Her Written Thoughts - Page 2

Pillow Talk.

Photo Courtesy of Henry Lee Battle. For more black art >>

Tears and tissues. I read. Can they read me? Searching for Stability. I'm emotionally unstable. Weak? No, Bored. Being alone is a nightmare. It’s a poisonous self-conscious emotional detriment. Why am I alone? What went wrong? Was it me? You? Us? Were we not meant to be? You not meant for me? Me not meant for you? A m I too picky? Maybe just a little. Are you too childish? Maybe just a lot. Unfortunate characteristic of a man. I meant boy?My thoughts are tangled. My heart is dismantled. I wonder. Where are all the good guys? Are they extinct? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough. Maybe I shouldn't be looking. Faith. Time. I lack patience. Is my physical appearance not my leading asset? Or was physical appearance merely his only motivating magnet? Why hasn't he called? I called once. Texted once. Just as the unwritten girls guide suggested. I’m being too hard on myself. I mean, I am marketable. Just have hope my girls said. Hope. Something about the word. Papa says you have to claim things in life. Hope, no, have certainty. ‘I want that’. ‘I’m going to get that’. But. . ‘I want that’, him, with uncertainty. Mix & Match. I'm indecisive. Will it still work? Will I….? How do I get him? Claim him? With certainty of course. If I close my eyes tight. Sealed. Shut. Maybe, just, maybe. He’ll be waiting for me when I open them. Until then, I live for sleep. To Dream. I’m happiest when I’m dreaming. That’s where my happiness lies. Maybe the pursuit will be no longer when life feels like a dream and my dreams resemble my life.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mario interviews with Essence

This 21-year old R&B crooner hit the scene years back with braids and ballads such as 'Let me love you' and has continued to foster growth in the music industry with a coming of age soulful touch in hits like 'Crying out for me' and 'Music for Love'. With citings on 'Dancing with the stars' and 'The Tyra Banks Show', Mario continues to show his fans that he is marturing into a responsible debonair young man. As stardum seems picture perfect in the eyes of his fans, Mario has faced bigger and burdening issues in his personal life. Camera's document every step of his struggle to help his mother, Shawnita Hardaway, overcome her 20-year addiction to heroin, caputuring the scene for his reality show 'I won't love you to death: Mario and his mom' . Being the loving son he is, Mario stood by his mom through rehab and she has since remained clean for almost a year. Now, Mario openly discusses the experience with Essence.

"I was launching my foundation, and I felt the documentary gave kids and young adults with the same issues [as me] inspiration. I feel like it has helped me to grow a lot, with the things that I have experienced and gone through with my mother. I also felt like it showed who I really was as a young man outside of the music, because sometimes you can get lost in that box of being just a teen star—I’m more than that."

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ANTM Ladies are doing it BIG!

As a frequenting CW stalker and America's Next Top Model fanatic, I always peruse sites looking for updates on the girls. It's amazing how much opportunity is thrown at you just from a quick siting on a reality series and such. So, if you girlies haven't been kept up to date on what some of the fabulous faces are keeping busy with, dont fret, Miss Elise has got you covered!

While I'm not too fond of her gigs as a model, I am constantly seeing her pop up at celebrity parties. Some of which, she's on point and her style's in line, while others, I truly believe she got dressed in the dark. Either way, she's still fierce!

Citings: DJ Cassidy's 27th Birthday Party at Capriani; Aubrey's J'adore Magazine Cover party; MLB Party in NYC


Cycle 6 winner Danielle Evans has just landed herself a spot as a clothing model for a Tory Burch Collection sold at Saks Fifth Avenue. She also appeared in Elle Magazine, ElleGirl, Jewel Magazine, In-Touch Weekly, Essence Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Akademiks ads and Sephora. Wow! Congrats!

Citings: Tevrow+Chase for Saks; Tory Burch for Saks; Elle Magazine

Tocarra Jones has been doing it 'Big' for herself. She started her own collection 'Big' for volumptuous and curvacious women. Well-known for her outspoken personality and curvy confidence, Tocarra has taken the industry by storm and has put big and beautiful on the map. Beyond her frequent appearances on BET, she was also featured in King Magazine, Rocawear Ad, and her new spread in the July 2008 issue of Vogue Italia.

Citings: Vogue Italia; Rocawear Ad; Big Collection
check out her collection and more pics from her spread in Vogue Italia

Bre Scullark was absolutely my favorite on the show! Bre has been doing her thing and has proved her title supercedes the '3rd place' prize from America's Next Top Model. She has ripped the runway for numerous fashion shows and has made appearances in Vibe Magazine, Dark N' Lovely , Hairstyle Magazine, Six Degrees Magazine, Mahogany Magazine and Rubben Studdard's video 'Change Me'.

Extra Tidbits:
Jades on MTV Tres & Yoanna House hosts 'Queen Bee's'

Continuing the Trend: Liquid Leggings

In previous months, fashion forecasters predicted the black liquid leggings would become a hit. With personal doubt and no intent on purchasing the item, I expected this trend to stay on one side of the fashion line: where the celebrities reign. Much to my surprise liquid leggings are still a growing trend and is still featured in magazine articles as a must have style staple. I still hesitate to try them out, seeing as they are skin tight and appear to be painted on. With curves and such, the unwanted attention on the streets is guaranteed and despite that other curvy stars strut their stuff in them, I lack the body guards to defend me. ah well.

First, these stunning stars went out and purchased their form fitting leggings paired with boots & heels, black tops and jackets:

Now, you can get your hands on your own pair.

 - Liquid Leggings ; Members Only - Liquid Leggings ; American Apparel - Liquid Leggings ; Ron Herman - Liquid Leggings

Stay tuned for more trends. . . ; )

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Reality Series

Photos Courtesy of

After recently mentioning Diddy's new series with VH1, I came across another celeb stepping into the television show mainstream. Singer songstress Monica's new reality show 'The Single: Monica' is scheduled to air on August 5th on Peachtree TV. A true fan of her vocals and love ballads, I'm kind of interested in seeing what she's been up to with all this time off. With this picture, it's obvious her son's have been her main focus. Too cute might I add. ; )

O.P.I & Chanel Nailed it!

With the fall rolling around, darker and richer colors are trading places with the vibrant bright neon spring/summer collections. With up and coming collections from both O.P.I and Chanel, you have the option of spoiling yourself all year round.

Get your hands on a bottle of this. . .

Chanel continues its stampede in must-have nail lacquer colors as their 'Gold Fiction' hits stores. With an 18-karat gold appeal, selling at $30 a bottle, I'm curious to try this new polish out. It's said to be a big deal and I'm anxious to find out if it lives up to it's pricey tag. I'm always up to challenge the hype. Are you?

Or this. . .

O.P.I is also on the ball, dishing out collections and colors that has every blog scrambling to get the story posted. The latest:

Nylon Magazine has announced that O.P.I will launch a Fall lacquer collection inspired by the original cast of Beverly Hills, 90210, set to launch in conjunction with the Fall series premiere of '90210'. With six shades confirmed to hit stores, one can only imagine what creative puns they'll come up with to suit the character roles of these crazy stars. While I highly doubt the new series will ever live up to it's original predecessor, I am excited for the lacquer launch.

Also sneak a peak at their deliciously dark collection with hues such as "Espresso your style!", "Lincoln Park after Dark" "Black Onyx" and "Lincoln Park at Midnight". With dark shades marking today's hottest nail trend, the drama continues with O.P.I's rich and luscious colors. O.P.I continuously aims to please and has yet to let me down!

Haven't tried O.P.I products?

Using their O.P.I Studio, you have the ability to choice from five skin tones and eight collections: The Classics, Brights, Soft Shades, Designer Series, Australia Collection, Russian, Mod About Brights and the India Collection. With the shades and skin tones you can virtually try out the colors before making a purchase or heading to the nail salon. Personally, I am so indecisive when it comes to narrowing down colors and choosing just one at the salon. So if you're like me, be prepared ahead of time and try out all the collections via their website.

New Ebony Beauty for VS Pink Line!

Those who know me will nod in unison when I say that I am a 'P!NK' girlie all the way. From the lounge wear, to beach bags, flip flops and comforter sets, I am a walking advertisement for the VS Pink Collection. I was even a Pink girl in a VS branch in my hometown and have applied to a few positions with Limited Brands, including the Pink Team post I let you guys in on. With that being said, I always love when I see that Limited Brands does it's best to embrace diversity and inclusion as their short and sweet 'company values' states. And to make my smile wider and my infatuation with Pink stronger, VS has teamed up with my girl Chanel Iman, making her the new 'IT' Pink Girl!!

Here's a couple of her Pink ads: