Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Missing in Action, Coming Back in Style

**It's been a while since I posted celebrities that have caught my attention with their fashion sense. So here's two barbie dolls for ya!

Amerie's promo pic looks adorable. From the tri-colored frames, to her octagon-shaped earrings, silver rope chain, and hot pink sweater, chicks looking funky. She's always had a sexy glamorized look, but here she looks much more youthful and mod. Thumbs up on the promo pic, look out for her new single to hit your local radio stations.

Oh, Tia! Check you out stealing all of the spotlight and proving to be the more fashionable sister. While in her earlier sitcom years she played the role as the book smart twin, with a hit show on the CW "The Game" she has definitely turned the style dial up and plays the role of NFL girlfriend and med-school fashionista. From her smokey eye look to her navy blue satin shoes, Tia's style is on the rise and unmistakably the twin to look out for.

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