Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beauty Trend Alert!!

Beyond the Fashion Phenomena gracing the runways during Fashion Week, beauty trends made their prescence on the beauty's as well.

Winged Eyeliner. . .

Do we love it?

D.I.Y: According to the pro's over at Essence.com

"Begin lining from the middle of your eye to the outer corner, and then wing up from the outer edge. Go over your creation once or twice and follow with several coats of mascara for an everlasting finish.'

Create the look with a neutral shadow such as Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in Beige 76, $18, at Sephora.com on the lid. Next, use a soft or liquid black pencil such as MAC Cosmetics Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline, $14.50, at Maccosmetics.com. "

Model Makeover: The Winged Eye with a little less drama.

Model: Crystal.

"Que Lindo Mami, I Love it!"

Chanel or Jourdan?

“This time they (designers and magazine editors) have stepped it up. I feel
positive. That means that I can go soon,” she told the Times Reporter. The
38-year-old British muse told a London Times reporter that she’s proud to see more Black models getting some shine on major fashion magazine covers and now might be the perfect time for her to bow out.

Naomi Campbell + D.I.H+ Jourdan Dunn

*With Naomi walking hand in hand with Brazilian designer Daniella Issa Helayel’s during the finale of the show with the 18 year old rising phenomena Jourdan Dunn. Many speculate that this was Naomi's way of passing the torch and displaying Dunn as her protege.

Naomi Campbell + Chanel Iman

On the other hand, let's not forget the fabulous fashion face off as Chanel Iman worked the runway side by side with Naomi at her Fashion for Relief fashion show.

You be the judge: Who's next to take on the thrown once the Queen herself calls it quits?


At this year's Primetime Emmy Awards, celebs alike were on their A-game and stepped on the carpet in style.

My Glamorous Gals. . .

Audra McDonald looks stunning in a one-strapped floor length gown. The sheer train is the perfect addition.

Vanessa Williams graces the red carpet in a black and white masterpiece by Kevan Hall.

Taraji P. Henson dares to be different in a black flowing dress with a cheetah print decorating the top.

And As Always. . .

Daddy Knows Best.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Her Written Thoughts: Page 4

Thursdays To Do List:

Papers [x]

Tests [x]

Meeting at two [x]

'Sex in the City' Lunch for four [x]

Work from 2 – 5 [x]

Return Calls+Emails [x]

Publish post [x]

Shower [x]

It's about that time.
5 roommates. Full effect. Indirect. The 'open closet policy'. Our dollhouse. Pampering. Speakers blasting. Mirrors occupied. Messy room. Scattered MAC pallets. Two Dabs of Perfume. One Pile of Peep-toe heels. A Little Black Dress. Making quite the impression.
Cash, check.
Cell, check.
Lip gloss, check.
Teeth check.
My girls, check check check.
Its Thursday. College Thursdays. Thirsty Thursdays. The Ride. The crowds. The Lineups. The 'Eligible'. Kiss me, I’m Single. They look. They reach. They signal. With whispers and whistles. I strut. Making Minor side glances. Switching to the beat. Rhythm in each step. Like a boss. A showstopper. vain? pure confidence. i wear it on my sleeve. I take command. Full control and demand. The eyes. The stares. The gazes. Never stopping for small talk. The line? To the front. The Bar? To the front. The dance floor? Center stage. With a man? I think not. My right. My left. My girls. My smile. My charm. My moves. Just for me. Not looking. Searching. Wondering. Wanting. Or Yearning for ‘him’. Its all about ME. New, New. New semester. Scene. Style. Agenda. Not Hidden nor Hurting. First Things First. Putting Me First. Discontinued search for Happiness. Can I find it in me? Oh, i can find it in me. Or is having a man necessary? He's A necessity. Not necessarily. A smile. I created. A relationship, all my own. What better love. No better love. Than the love I have for me. Let’s make a toast. Here's To: Perfectly happy before ‘happily every after’. A fairy tale of my own. My horse and carriage. Just me and my girls.

Click! Click! Click! Flash

Ciara is taking it all off and getting down and dirty in this month's issue of Vibe Magazine. The sexy stallion is dishing about her 'Fantasy Ride' album, hush-hush celeb relationships, and stripping off the fitted and baggy jeans. With such a seductive photo shoot, one would assume the album is reaching a more mature, sexy, 'good girl gone bad' type of direction, but Ciara makes it clear that she's simply trying something new. Still maintaining her sweet and sleek persona, it is clear to see it takes more than a charming smile to woo this songstress and more than one interview to get her to dish about who she really is.

And, just a major bite. . .

I Love,Love,Love her record 'Click Flash'. Check it out ladies! Definitely a song to strike a pose to with the girls!!

Keeps on getting better!

Since I've been gone, the promo photos that are making a hit have been just my taste and just my style. And of course, they have been the women who have graced F&F on numerous occasions. You may have seen them, but if you haven't Ms.Elise has got you covered.

Taking it up a notch, Rihanna continues to give off edge and sex appeal. . .

. . . in her new dark and dramatic shots. Her next album is said to be taking the Caribbean songstress to even higher levels than 'Good Girl Gone Bad'. I'm excited for a couple of tracks to hit the mainstream but I'm more so excited about the fashion picks she'll be rocking in upcoming paparazzi shots. ; ). But that's just me!

And leave it to B to switch it up from commercial shots like L'Oreal to high fashion fierceness . . .

. . . I am anxiously awaiting her next album drop. hey, or even movie premiere. Despite those who knock her, Beyonce never gets old in my book.

Even Dawn of Danity is taking a shot at solo stardom with these new shots. . .

With the spotlight place on one barbie out the bunch, looks like trouble in the Dollhouse.
You guys/ gals have any promo shots F&F worthy? Get em' to me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today's Beauty Secrets

Take it from the PRO's!
Wondering how to get that celeb look at home?

With the help of makeup artist Pat McGrath and hair stylist Guido Palau, all your wonders can be put to rest and put to the test.

Grab a pen and start taking notes, I definitely did after reading this!

1) For a strong intense eye look, wet your brush before dipping into shadow to pick up more color."

2) "To give skin a sheen that looks natural, apply cream highlighter to the brow bones, cheekbones, and the bridge of the nose using your finger."

3) "Lips lose some of their natural color with age. Nude lipstick gives them a boost and compliments dark eye makeup"

& Palau says. . .

"If your roots are oily, pat a small amount of baby powder on them and brush through!"

Fashion For A Cause

Chanel Iman + Naomi Campbell

The two baddest women in the game strut their stuff simultaneously at Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief Fashion Show in London.

Both, rocking the same sleeveless frilled dress in different colors (Naomi is elegant in Black and Chanel is Pretty in Pink), took fierce to a new fashion forward level, demanding full attention of the audience at Naomi's annual event benefiting a charity for expecting mothers. With twenty years whirling between the two runway goddess', it is easy to see that Naomi has a protege that doesn't only walk in her path, but struts by her side.

No need to be one step behind Naomi's success, Chanel Iman is ripping the runway side by side.

Fakes Are Never In Fashion

From Louis to Gucci, we all have spotted the fakes in the bunch. The boosters and the hustlers bargain with prices to get every female trotting the streets to pick up an "authentic" designer bag for less. However, when the police come patrolling through, how quickly they pack up and wheel out giving you the wrong change? Ring too many bells? Well, while it is evidently unethical and illegal, just who's actually doing something about it? Harper's Bazaar has an ongoing campaign 'Fakes Are Never In Fashion' to help do something about the counterfeit handbags and designer items being produced and sold today.

Wondering if your new steal is legit? Here some tips straight from

Harper's Bazaar. . .


Spotting a knock-off is more difficult than you may think. Use the tips below as a checklist to avoid buying a fake.

1. Location, Location, Location. First and foremost, purchasing luxury goods at a brand’s boutique, website or authorized dealer is your best bet to insure buying a genuine product. Items at flea markets, home parties, from street vendors, or unauthorized websites are likely to be fake.

2. The Price is RightQuality and exclusivity account for the high price of luxury goods. Thus, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

3. Construction SitesCraftsmanship is a main point of distinction with luxury goods. Sloppy stitches in less visible areas—such as the underside of a product or inside pockets—is likely the result of counterfeit production.

4. Package DealLuxury retailers meticulously package their products, including tissue paper, authenticity cards, product care information, superior quality boxes, and shopping bags. If you see a plastic wrap covering or a flimsy dust bag, it's probably a fake. For example, counterfeit manufacturers will often wrap the handles of handbags in plastic.

5. Spell-checkCounterfeiters will often misspell designer names. Check for letters that are swapped or a letter that is capitalized that shouldn’t be, and vice versa.

6. Check the HardwareWith most luxury accessories, you will find the logo on all the metal pieces, such as zippers, latches, snaps, and buckles.

7. Read the LabelIn a genuine article of luxury clothing, most often the label is stitched in, whereas counterfeit clothes are likely to have a less expensive hangtag. Also, check the country of origin on the label.

8. Timely TipsMakers of fake watches may not replicate unusual features, such as a helium relief valve. If the feature is available, often times it does not function.