Monday, July 28, 2008

Trend: Maxi Dress

Everywhere I go, I see another woman keeping up with whats current and gracing the streets in a long flowing maxi dress. Definitely a style choice with versatility as sandals suit the dress for a day outfit, and stiletto's will spice it up for an evening of elegance. From the printed styles to bright summery pastels and solids, the Maxi dress has made it's way to just about every woman's summer wardrobe.

Here, all three ladies opted for an evening of elegance with open-toe sandals and peep toe pumps. Kelly went for glitz and glam in her silver heels, while Meagan stuck with prints and patterns and rocks YSL tribute canvas leopard pumps. The silhouette screams femininity and sophistication. Its the new "little black dress" of the summer.

Having a hard time finding the right one for you? Well join the club, because I have yet to find one that suits me head to toe. Here's a couple of sites that just might solve your maxi madness:

Fashion Bomb: Claire & her interns over at the fashion bomb give you the celebrity look for less

iVillage: Check out some of their maxi budget buys. I like the Gardenia Silk Flower Dress

Fab Sugar: Head over to Fab Sugar to find your carbon copy of the flowy frocks sported by celebs

edressme: Sale! Browse edressme's designer maxi dress collection and be sure to stop by their sale to get your hands on this summer staple

Diva Village: Diva Village gives you the In's and outs of this casual day dress. Wondering why it is such a hit and where you can get one? Diva Village has it all mapped out for you.


Wes said...

I love how comfy these dresses are... I just cant seem to ever find them that often anymore

Odette said...

Printed maxi dresses are my favorite!!

Ms. Lyssa said...


You have an EXCELLENT blog. Ilove the youthful approach. Keep up the good work. You will definitely be on my daily list.