Monday, July 14, 2008


For the latest and the greatest in magazine articles, definitely pick up the latest issue of Essence Magazine. Gracing the cover is none other than the handsome and sexiness that is Usher and his beautiful son Usher Raymond V. Its nice to see a conversation that treasures and represents a topic that many men either try to refrain from having or completely ignore; one of feelings and responsibility. In this no holds barred interview, Usher openly discusses the challenges and wonders he experienced growing up without a father figure present in his life. He also touches upon the married life, the responsibilities that men have as a husband and a father, and how both have changed and shaped his life. Just to give you fabulous readers a glimpse of the article to get you up and running to the closest Essence magazine carrier, here's one question/answer that i found particularly note worthy.

HARPER: What would you say to young men and women about what they should expect from a man who's a father? What is living right as a father? How do you define that? How would that man look?

USHER: That man would accept his responsibilities as a father, regardless of whether he was with the mother of the child. Men will leave a situation for several reasons. One, it's not comfortable. It may be violent. The two of you may grow apart. But you should never abandon that responsibility, which is to be there, reading with your child, being supportive of your child's growth. That is communicating. That is making the choice to put your child before your own vanity.
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