Friday, January 30, 2009

We're Moving!!!

So, I took a well needed step towards bettering the site for you loves!!

Flats & Frappuccino's. . . Has Moved!!!!!

See you there, gorgeous.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Missing In Action Much?

I must say that I have neglected my lovely Flats&Fraps readers!! Trust me, it was never intentional. With the year kicking off and me finding it hard to balance an overbearing workload, it became impossible to fit blogging in (ugh). My sincerest apologies. Now that second semester is off to a relaxing (and less stressful) start, I vow to make time to keep the site up and running.

With my apology under wing and a promise to get back in the swing of things, theres also a new direction i plan to take with Flats and Frapps. As a college student, you are frequently asked "what are your career plans upon graduation?". Trust me, I've gotten this questions just as many times as you have. While it can be a drag, it's an honest question that deserves an honest answer. Besides indulging in MAC products and finding the right pair of jeans, academically I have a passion for writing and Marketing. As a combination of the two, my career goal is to start a magazine for young women between the ages of 18 - 25. Pretty critical years in your life as a young woman, dont ya think? So much changes and shapes you as a person throughout these years, and sometimes you just need a little guidance or a little influence.
With so many blogs focusing on fashion alone, I created this blog not just for fashion, but for the interests and passions of the average girl. We cry, we laugh out loud, and we love hard. Right ladies? Theres more to us than the stiletto's on our feet and the celebrity gossip thats fed to us daily. I admit, that somehow I was sucked into the mainstream blogging world and started posting more and more entries on fashion.
So, let's start off on a better foot this time around shall we. Let's be unique, Let's be Flats & Frapps. :-)

Have an idea for Flats& Frapps? Let me know. After all, its about YOU ;-) .

- yours truly