Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Loving the Lashes

Luckily, I was gifted with long lashes. A little mascara, just about any brand from the local drugstore to cosmetic counters, with a couple of sweeps of the wand and I'm off to bat my lashes and shyly accept compliments. However, batting your lashes becomes quite the dread for many women who are falling short in the lashes depot. Well, don't fret Ladies, in 2008, there's a quick fix for just about everything (and this one is much less pricier than plastic surgery). Desperately needing falsies to make your eyes pop? Who better to submit a recommendation and personal testimony than Ms. Kim K.??

Side note:
This dress is Fab! Smh, talk about a celeb style crush. I'm blushing.

Recently on her blog, she showed off her new lashes from MAC.

Her blog reads:

My makeup artist Stephen tried new lashes on me for Jimmy
. They are Mac No. 35. I am loving them! I do not wear fake lashes
daily, but they are great for photo shoots, special events and TV stuff! When I
answered questions before about fake lashes, I mentioned I wore a company called Red Cherry, which I still love, but these new MAC ones I really am into! I
also have read comments where some of you have said I claimed to never wear fake lashes. I never said that, so please go back and re-read my answer...

Question: Kim....You, your mom and your sisters eyelashes are ALWAYS
beautiful. I wanted to know what brand you use or where do you guys get them

Answer: We wear a company called Red Cherry, but Khloe never wears
them. Kourtney, my mom and I only wear them out at night to events or parties.
We have very long eye lashes to start with and the trick is to use two different
kinds of mascara and really take your time putting it on!

Get your own Ladies!

So maybe I couldn't find a picture of MAC No. 35, but here's MAC Lash 37 which is said to have the most dramatic length. And get this. . .they're only 12 bucks!

Quite the investment I might add. Well, that's just if you ask me. Some girls go on a frenzy for clothes and shoes, I swipe my debit at Sephora and MAC!


The Jet Set Girls said...

We got these same lashes in Vegas before a big night out. $12 is not much to pay to get your makeup done and a great pair of lashes.

Wes said...

I LOVE long lashes too- I'm obsessed. I've tried almost every mascara out there to see which ones make my medium length lashes stand out the most. I just purchased the MAC Prolash that I'm really feelin' at the moment. Once in awhile I'll get my lashes done, but it starts to irritate my eyes after awhile although it looks beautiful.
I envy those w/ long lashes!!! Lucky you!