Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day Dreaming about Demps

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies. As if his baby picture wasn't cute enough, these pics should be printed out, snipped to size and taped over that picture of your man in your wallet. Lucky for me I have an empty slot ; ).

While many girls fancy the basketball build and the NBA all star, I've always preferred the football/ teddy bear build. Id say 200+ pounds? The dimpled Demps stands 6ft. tall, packing 208 pounds of delicious! As you can see, the 28 year-old Houston Texans safety can be seen on and off the field showcasing his talent and sex appeal. I know you guys have checked him out playing the role of Letoya's man in her debut single "Torn". Mhm, that's him, and I'm still staring googly eyed as I rewind the two year old video.

And after doing a little stalker-ish research, I learned:

Full Name: William Henry Demps Jr.
Ethnicity: African American & Korean
Fraternity: Sigma Pi
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Originally signed for the Baltimore Ravens as an un-drafted free agent
Older brother of Marcus Demps
229 Career Tackles
Interests: Modeling

Miss Elise has yet to do this much research on any other eye candy. Must be love! Maybe i should do the whole profile for the upcoming eye candy's as well, eh? Let me know if that would be preferred or if you have candy shop recommendations. I'm always up for sweets! ; )

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