Monday, July 07, 2008

Beauty Junkie Housekeeping

With so many new product reviews being posted across the board on numerous blogging sites, as you begin to splurge on new product purchases, your personal cosmetics counter becomes overkill and begins to appear more and more like junk rather than key essentials. For the on-the-go girl or the stay at home beauty buff, its always necessary to do a little seasonal housekeeping. Its time to get the lip gloss, eye shadows and brushes in order, to allow your next beauty routine to go a little smoother and quicker. It also helps with repurchasing the same products and organizing what you have in terms of what's usable, what is garbage, and what needs to be refilled. To help out with the beauty housekeeping I've perused through different cosmetic counters and sites and found a couple of make-up bags and cases that will do the trick.

The MAC Brush Roll, equipped with an easy-fastening closure, specifically serves the purpose of keeping all of your cosmetic brushes intact and ready to use. To preserve the bristles and keep the brushes lasting longer, tuck them away in the brush roll. With a well-organized set of brushes, with one sweep you are good to go.

Jacquard MAC Rectangular Travel Case

This small silhouette can be used to keep all of your daily make-up necessities neat and compact when placed in your everyday tote. Often times, carrying such large bags adds on to the excessive junk that women carry on a daily basis. While your I.D and bank card may be shuffled around, try to keep your brushes and liners intact by stashing them away in this small travel case.

Sephora Brush Belt

Sephora's Make-up Artist Brush Belt is a must have for all Beauty Buff's and cosmetologists. The belt set comes with fifteen deluxe brushes that will make your next appointment prepared and professional. The belt set is not only very organized but also comfortable, accessible, adjustable and fashionable.

This chic train case is used for organizing and storing all of your makeup toiletries and essentials. With adjustable trays and a detachable shoulder strap, this case allows you to travel with cleanliness in style.

A chocolate brown and teal-colored cosmetic bag collection inspired by the Safari. With this Zebra print tote collection, you will transport your make-up fabulously. Includes: long handle tote, hanging bag, large handle bag, clutch bag, triangle bag, pencil case, and clear makeup bag.
Yazmo's Pro Rolling Pink Makeup Case is decked out in special edition pink alligator skin with steel corners. This large traveling case is filled with endless trays and compartments. With locks and wheels for mobility, the suitcase suits the heavy duty on-the-go make-up connoisseur. Finding it hard to pack light? Why try to cram everything in when you can bring it all in one highly fashionable travel case of it's own.

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