Monday, June 30, 2008

It Happens: Royalty

After trying so hard to give my all without receiving much joy in return, I realized that if I don't stand for something I'll fall for anything. Cliche? Knowing deep down that I was forcing myself to accept an unacceptable situation, I did what was best for me and searched for an exit. Walking out of it, I can honestly say I waved good-bye with a smile on my face. What was once attraction at first sight, remained just that from start to finish. There was no friendship, no understanding, and no similarity. Opposites attract. Cliche? In all actuality, those of similarity attract and become opposites when it matters and sees fit. Relationships that start off as friendships are the strongest relationships. Cliche? With each passing relationship, I can openly admit that not once have I fallen for a friend and opened a romantic chapter with one. Possibly out of fear that a tough breakup could ruin two connections, I refrained from crossing lines. Or, possibly each guy I've met asked me out before I could even consider them a friend. I always wondered what it would be like to transition from calling someone a really close friend to referring to them as someone special or a significant other. I've finally stopped wondering and am now experiencing. There's some many old adages and cliche responses that we hear so often but ignore just as frequently because of how common they are. These sayings come a dime a dozen and are overlooked and taken lightly. I, for once, can support these sayings with personal testimony instead of individual wonders and assumptions. It's not often you have a red carpet laid out for you, or what seems like one, someone referring to you as Queen, or what sounds like it, and someone pampering you without requesting it, or what feels like it. Not many women are given the pleasure of experiencing the lifestyle of Royalty. However, I have. I am blessed with a King, that not only plays his part as a man, but puts in overtime to make me feel like a woman. I know my heart is in the right place, I put it there.

P.S - A Card From King.

"When we're together, the laughter's loud, the stories are endless, and the
feeling is easy. Just having you to blow off steam with lifts my spirits, puts
my troubles in check, and renews my outlook for another day. No wonder I call
you first when something funny or outrageous happens and turn to you first when
i need a little support (or a lot). I'm so glad i have a Queen like you -
down-to-earth enough to share just about anything and smart and wise enough to
help guide my life and give me an attitude adjustment when i need it. So I
thank you, my Queen for your love, for your laughter, for your presence in my

P.P.S - Ladies, keep your eye on the prize. It may not go your way in the beginning, but with patience you will soon be repaid. It's only 2008. Its called "Delayed Gratification" ; )

Short & Sweet: Summer Hairstyle

With the fashionable bob hairstyle catching the eye of women of all ages alike, many find themselves running into a dead end when its time for a touch-up or roller set. When you unfortunately find yourself low on funds or far from a hairdresser, the panic kicks in. It becomes a disaster when the newly cut hair is too short to pull back into a decent ponytail and too long to slick back with gel. Then what? Living in NY for the summer, I have run into this same dreadful problem myself. In an attempt to find a solution, I have been perusing through numerous sites and photos online. I have found one simple and sweet style, that fashionably suits those with a shorter cut. I spotted the style on Miss Eva Diva. As sighted on the red carpet as well as Pre-BET Awards events, she adorably sports a braided crown. The braid tightly begins in the back by her nape, and continues along the front as the braid loosens. The look is perfect for a day out and about, and can even be dressed up for an elegant evening as Eva displays it here.

Any other summer styles for those with shorter length? Leave suggestions ; )

Walk In MY Shoes

All who know me, will nod their heads in unison when I say that on an everyday basis i wear flats and flip flops. No matter what the selected look of the day is, i always successfully manage to pair it up with the perfect pair of flats or the cutest selection in flip flops. Not that I hold a grudge on sneakers, or those who solely wear sneakers, but with the summer weather in full session why not find a reason to show off those newly painted toes? Leave it to me to maneuver a way to do so. Not sure where to start? Take a walk in my shoes. . .

Gap Ankle-flat Straps from their European Collection
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leather straps

thong styling

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Urban Outfitters Suede Fringe T-Strap Sandal

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Coclico Shoes Flattery Suede Thong Sandal

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Givenchy: Give Into These

I am head over heels in LOVE with these Givenchy Shoes. Spotted on the Red Carpet of the BET Awards, worn by Lauren London, in NY at a movie screening by Selita Ebanks, and by Cassie at a cocktail reception, these shoes are at the head of its class as the most stylish shoes of the season. Honestly, I think Selita rocked them better, but hey Lauren can make anything look good! What do you guys think?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Quick "Dash" To Kim's Blog

While Solange Knowles caught my attention in her all black attire a few blogs back, Kim Kardashian has done the same in just the opposite, all white! I have never been a fan of one piece outfits, but as the readers can see, the first two "If you look good, you feel good" have been just that. Here, Kimmy strikes a pose in a halter that exposes just enough cleavage to portray sexiness with subtlety and elegance. The top is loose around the stomach giving the look a casual and comfortable feel. I especially love the drawstring at the waist which allows you to show off your waist and hips. The bottom half has a wide-leg flared look allowing you to dress the outfit up with sandals as Kim does here, or even with flip flops for a simple daytime look. To compliment the outfit, a wrist of different sizes, styles, and colors of bangles always gives off a fun, chic look. Might as well seal the outfit with a beaded clutch. Kim is definitely a styling genius. While some have a love/hate relationship with her, I must say I adore her! With the best tips in makeup, incredible fashion sense, and an entertaining show, who can hate on that? Actually, let me take that back because that's exactly why they hate!!

Courtesy of

The Four Faces of Fabulous

Alright Ladies ( and Gents if you're just curious), I have given you the latest hairstyle, now it is time for the four faces of fabulous! In my opinion, there are four main looks that can be achieved and displayed fabulously. And they are as follows:

1) Subtle Eye, Dark Lips
What better example than the fashionista Rhianna. As we all have just spotted her on BET's red carpet Tuesday night, what stood out most about her makeup was her dark vixen-like matte lipstick, complimented by a burgundy lip line. As for her eyes, she rocked little to no color. With a simple black liner lining her lid and a few simple strokes of mascara, Rhianna looks fierce. Now it's your turn, give it a try.

For the eyes:

Mascara - M.A.C Mascara X

Liner - M.A.C Eye Pencil in Ebony

** As with Rhianna's look here, her eyes give off a shimmer/sheer look as if a creme based eye shadow is used. By all means, MAC has some of the best around. If you're on a budget here's my secret: Vaseline! Dab your finger in and take out just a little and smudge it across your lid. It definitely does the trick and gives off that glossy look.

For the lips:

Lipstick - MAC Lipstick in Dark Side or Odyssey

2) Subtle Eye, Soft Lip

Looks like Rhianna is Two for Two. With this pic, you can clearly see how much this star has grown and matured into a young woman. Going for a more subtle day time look? This is definitely the look you should be aiming for. For the eyes, a sleek black eyeliner and mascara will get you one step closer. As for the lips, a light sheer gloss will create a nude/skin tone lip color.

For the eyes:

Liner - MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder

Mascara - MAC Pro Lash in Coal Black

Shadow - MAC Cream Colour Base in Shell

For the lips:

Gloss - Tinted Lip Glass in Viva Glam V (it looks a little dark online, but trust me its a soft neutral pink gloss)


Blush - MAC Powder Blush in Raizin

3) Dark Eye, Soft Lip

Who can rock this look flawlessly better than Kim Kardashian?? As with most pics, here her eyes are skillfully defined with black liner and has an edge to them. With heavy black liner on both lids and lengthening/thickening Mascara, her eyes truly make a statement and pop out at you fiercely.

P.S This is my Favorite!!

For the eyes:

Liner - Both MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder

Mascara - MAC Plush Lash in Plushblack

Shadow - MAC Eyeshadow in Knight Divine

For the lips:

Gloss - L'Oreal Colour Juice in Bubble Gum

4) Vibrant Eye, Bright Lip

With the release of her video "Tambourine", Eve definitely nailed the color spectrum. With vibrant colors in shadow and gloss, a trend was re-birthed. This look absolutely suits the nightlife girl, the adventurous girl and the glamour girl. If your outfit fails to be on point, this fresh summer look is guaranteed to have heads turning as you strut by.

For the eyes:

Liner - Both MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for the top lid and MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder for the bottom lid.

Mascara - MAC Zoom Lash in Zoom Black

Shadow - MAC Eyeshadow in Electric Eel

For the lips:

Gloss - MAC Slimshine Lipstick in Tropical Glow


Blush - MAC Powder Blush in Raizin

**Give it a trial run Ladies. Tell me if the looks suit you. With makeup, it's always fun to try out new colors and products before sticking with your favorites. As for me, you can clearly see through my recommendations that I'm a MAC customer. MAC has yet to fail me with it's products. With the right tools and the right colors, you can achieve any look. So pick up the products and tell me if the looks are a go or a no-go for you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sweet Tooth

This one definitely speaks for itself. While I have always been a fan of this powerful vocalist, his new look has me drooling and daydreaming now more than ever. Not too many men can look that good in braids and switch to a cut, while still maintaining their sexy. But as you can clearly see Trey Songz is as versatile as they come. I'm at a lost for words. He is truly debonair. I admire the fact that he is getting his grown man on. While he didn't take home "Best Male R&B Artist"at the BET Awards, he undebateably takes the cake with this. It works for him. Hey, It works for me. Stay Tuned For More From The Candy Shop!! Post suggestions if you have a sweet in mind. : )

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Such Finesse

As I was perusing through the Essence website I came across an article from my man, Finesse Mitchell. I have to give it to him, the brother has words of wisdom. After posting my spiel on a love triangle (or square), he touched briefly on the subject of trying to "change a man". To be honest, he nailed some of my experience in his response. I mentioned in a previous post that I am headstrong and I naturally try to uplift needful guys, but realistically it is still driven by a hidden agenda to try to change him. Take a peek at his article below: The Top Four Dating Mistakes Black Women Make

Mistake 1: Asking him to carry your baggage.

A few months ago, I introduced my girl Keisha* to a pro athlete friend of mine. I asked them both how the date went. She said my boy was a good listener and love was in the air. He said the pain Keisha’s ex put her through and the bitterness she felt were the only topics they discussed all night. He had never heard so much complaining, and at the end of the date he sympathized more with Keisha’s ex. Meanwhile, Keisha keeps asking me if I’ve heard from my boy lately. Attention, women: It doesn’t matter if your baggage is Louis Vuitton or that five-piece set from the L.A. Swap Meet—do not take it on your date. No dude you just met wants to hear about how your ex cheated on you in your own house or how your worthless baby daddy never stepped up to the plate. Most men date with the hopes of getting to know you. That’s very hard to do if you keep talking about your worst experience with the previous guy. It makes your date think, Why should I pay for the last guy’s mistakes? What should you do if a man asks why a pretty girl like you is single? Don’t answer. It’s a trick question. We want to hear why the last relationship didn’t work out and how you handled the breakup. Inquiring minds (and their unkeyed car doors) need to know how you deal with anger. So give a short response like, “I’ve been focusing on my career and getting some things paid off.” Great answer! She is employed and pays her bills.

Mistake 2: Thinking, I can work with this
You go out on a date or two with Mr. Maybe, figure out what you don’t like about him, and then say those fateful words: I can change him. You’re not entirely wrong. There are small things a guy will switch up for a woman. For example, a man will change his wardrobe, maybe buy a few more of those shirts you said looked “sexy” on him. But if you’re looking for a major transformation, don’t waste your date nights. Raheem isn’t going to convert from Islam. DJ Talk-a-Lot isn’t going to quit his job working the mic at the strip club. And a dude who was having sex before he met you isn’t going to suddenly become abstinent while dating you. “My sex drive is pretty high,” admits my friend Dave. “If I’m dating a woman who puts me through a long waiting period, she is forcing me to lie about my needs and who I am.” A guy may like you enough not to press you about it for a couple of months (and that’s stretching it), but he definitely has some women on speed dial who don’t mind hooking up. Bottom line: If a number of things about a guy bother you in the beginning, don’t waste time remodeling a distressed home. Keep checking out the real estate section.

Mistake 3: Moving too fast

Men get a bad rep for trying to race toward the bedroom, but women are just as guilty of trying to race down the aisle. As soon as you start dishing out questions we don’t have the answer to (“So where is this going?”), we start sweating. You make a brother feel like he’s auditioning for a role in your new movie called The One. Space the serious questions out over a number of dates. And know that even though a guy might not be sure where the relationship is going after four dates, that doesn’t mean he’s not interested in finding out. But if you pressure a guy about it, he’ll likely give you the right answer, even if it’s not the real one. “It’s a no-win situation,” says my brother Chris. “If you say you’re dating around, you’re a player. If you say you don’t know about a relationship yet, you’re confused or not that interested.” Let the relationship evolve (or dissolve) at its own pace. If a couple months of great dates, gifts and (maybe) sex don’t get you any closer to a strong monogamous relationship, let him know he has competition. Or start going out without him. A lot.

Mistake 4: Reading into the sex
When Tasha met my boy Blair, she made it clear that she wasn’t into casual sex. Blair told her he didn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship with anyone, but really liked hanging out with her and wouldn’t mind taking the relationship to a sexual level. A month went by and Tasha really liked Blair a lot. They were damn near inseparable. And then one night, things got heated and they had sex. “It was great,” Tasha told me. “Mind-blowing.” Then she began wondering where that put their “relationship.” Unfortunately, it didn’t put it anywhere. Tasha had just had casual sex with Blair, but she didn’t realize it. In scenarios like this, eight times out of ten, the woman thinks that her man must be ready for commitment and the stakes have changed. And nine times out of ten, the guy wipes his forehead, thinking, Thank goodness I told her how I feel about monogamy. For men, sex before a monogamous relationship is established never means that we are now an item. It only means we have officially started having sex. I’m not telling you to hold out until your wedding day. I’m just saying that if you do give in, don’t assume it means you’ve moved up. Thankfully, Tasha didn’t voice her thoughts to Blair. “I was glad, too, because I didn’t want it to be like, Now I gotta make a decision or else,” explains Blair. “But I was pretty much all about Tasha after that month.” Tasha and Blair are married now with four kids. Four!
Courtesy of
**As a response, be sure to look out for a female's response. The Top Four Dating Mistakes Black Men Make. Have any ideas Ladies? Leave your biggest pet peeve or eye-witnessed male tendencies.

Boy, Oh Boy!

I had to do it. I've been smiling and bragging about the new man in my life and so many have asked to see him. So, here it is. Meet Ji'ai, my beautiful god son! At 10 days old he's already styling and charming with his two fingers in his mouth. Better become preggers fast Ladies and start your daughter's resume, because he will be one hell of an eligible bachelor as he ages.

Congrats Kandise & Joel.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dont say I'm too good for you. I am . . .but dont say it.

There comes a point in your life where settling for physical attraction is unacceptable. This point marks true maturity. As a young girl, your eyes are generally geared towards the cutest boy in school, the most athletic boy in school, and by far the most popular. Not considering the future, your number one concern is the jealous looks you will get from other girls solely for being the new girl on his arm. As you get older, that number one concern becomes lost in the midst of all the runner-ups and is shuffled into the pile of "wants". Your number one "want" is quickly replaced with your number one "need". I often find myself attracted to "wants" that consider me to be a "need". I am educated, self-sufficient, and a beautiful young woman. I say that in the most humbling way possible. By no means do I put myself on a pedestal, wearing arrogance on my sleeve. I am simply stating observation. With the positives that I possess, I am often drawn towards young men who need that type of influence in order to better them and mature them. However, often times, I am shortchanged because as a result, I am stunting my own growth as they are unable to put a change on the table for me. The eye for physical attraction is rapidly exchanged with a more focused magnifying glass in search of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual maturity. What happens when my "need" presents itself in front of me while i am still tussling in a game of tug-of-war with my "want". Do I settle for being selfless as I allow someone to feed off of me without receiving nourishment in return? Or do I open door number two and receive my "need" with open arms? What happens when the suitable man in door number two is battling the same situation and is fighting tug-of-war with his needy "want". Does it then become immature to ditch the helpless after being the only direction they have, or does it become mature to lock hands with a connection that transcends past what meets the eye?

Italian Vogue to feature ALL black models

For the July 2008 issue of Italian Vogue, photographer Stephen Miesel will put a twist on the commonly accepted fashion magazine layout which generally consists of solely white models. For this issue, he will have a 100 page spread where all of the faces and features are represented and geared towards a black female audience. To name a few of the models who will grace the pages: Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Iman, Jourdan Dunn, and Toccara Jones. The issue will hit the European stands this Thursday (6/26) and U.S stands soon after. Be sure to get your copy Ladies. Miss Elise sure will.

"Over Ms. Sozzani’s initial objections, he also hired Toccara Jones, a
full-figure model, who became known from “America’s Next Top Model". "I wanted to say something about weight, and I’m never allowed to do that,” he said. “I
met Toccara and thought, she’s beautiful. What’s the deal with her? She’s great
and she’s sexy
- Stephen Miesel

Courtesy of
Read More Here.

Start the summer off with the right Foundation!

Its summer time Ladies! After a long winter of dry and irritated skin, it is time to get back on the scene with last summer’s moisture and glow. With the right blend of foundation and bronzer your skin is guaranteed to feel pampered and refreshed all over again with a more radiant glow. To do the trick: I recommend M.A.C Cosmetics Select Moistureblend SPF 15. The compact, equipped with a complimentary sponge for application, is both creamy and extremely lightweight allowing you to go about your day looking and feeling flawless. To suppress the dull and dry skin winter nightmare, it strengthens your skin with a moisturized and conditioned finish to help build back that healthy silky feel. With 17 different colors and textures you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match in skin tone and skin type. To compliment your new smooth skin, their bronzing powder in Redefined Golden gives off a natural sheer highlight, accenting and enhancing your skin tone. If you like to avoid products that cause your skin to feel heavy and piled with layers of coverage and make-up, I definitely recommend both products. With such a luminous glow, you’ll have your friends questioning who the new man is. Tell them M.A.C. did the trick!

Friday, June 20, 2008

One Woman To Another: Protect Yourself

After surrounding yourself with mature and respectful men, it becomes easy for a woman to be genuinely nice to most men and to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, it should always be of first nature for a woman to put herself first, to protect herself, and to be aware of her surroundings.

So, From One Woman To Another:

The other night as I sat and watched the news, the broadcaster was covering a story about women throwing taser parties. It seemed out of the ordinary and a little extreme, so I laughed it off and thought to myself "That's silly". Seeing as I have never been in a situation where I was physically threatened or put to the test by a man, carrying something as a means for protection has never made my checklist when leaving in the morning. However, after yesterday's experience I definitely bit my tongue after making such a remark as "that's silly".
Stepping onto a crowded train you expect to be bumped or for people to try to squeeze through to the point you feel their breath on your neck. It's accepted. Everyone needs to get where they're going and waiting for a second train often slows down the process. I excused myself on many occasions and other's pardoned themselves when bumping into me. But little did I know, one hand was not as apologetic or accidental as I assumed.

I Prayed.

I will not go into detail about the entire situation, how it was handled, who he was, and if the police were involved, but as a woman to another woman I will tell you this. Your body is a temple and if you ever feel that someone is invading or degrading that temple, you separate yourself from them as far as you can. As a woman, we are built on intuition and our instincts. When you feel it, follow it. Despite how many people you bump in your efforts, you'll only serve yourself good by removing yourself from an unsafe environment. Scream, yell, move, or even swing. Someone will hear you, someone will see you, someone will help you. There are undercover officers who specifically ride the subways looking for perpetrators. Sitting home watching Oprah allows you to evaluate the situation,eliminating a true natural instinctive reaction. It becomes easy and logical for you to jump up and say " I would have . . .". However, when you are in the situation,many emotions come over you at once, mainly being one of invasion, shock, and sadness. After the situation has passed and the jitters and tears have sufficed, I look back and wish that I would have done all the things I tell the other victims and actresses in movies to do. But Ladies, there is only one take in this situation, and if its your first time, saying "cut" doesn't just roll off your tongue.

My advice: take all situations like this with a grain of salt. It may seem cliche but what doesn't kill you can and will only make you stronger. While I resent this man and know that if I ever seen him again take two would be more action-filled, I also realize that it has given me tougher skin. As a young woman, it becomes customary for you to rely on the physical protection of a man. But when it's time for you to stand on your own two feet you become your only safeguard.

Protect Yourself.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New look, New attitude.

As I got off the subway and sped past a small indoor convenient store, I couldn't help but notice one last copy of the July 2008 issue of Essence magazine. As a faithful reader, I have a subscription back home and continuosly refrained from purchasing the newest issue until I could get my hands on my pre-paid copy. However, seeing the glow in Gabrielle Union' s skin and the fierce new cut she's sporting fabulously I had to at least sneak a peek. As usual, being the only customer I felt as if the store clerks had all eyes on me. $3.99? What the heck, might as well get it. In the article, Ms. Union happily discusses her statuesque frame and her rejuvenated confidence. As mentioned in the previous blog, the more content you feel with your physical appearance, the more stamina you have allowing you to feel in control of your life. In the article, referring to her short hair cut, Gabrielle states:

"I felt fierce, fierce as the devil. I can already tell that people take you a little bit more seriously when they're not distracted by long
curly locks. I wanted something different and dramatic, and this is it."

Rewind:Back in December 2007, Essence published an article with Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, as well as Gabrielle Union. In a part of their conversation they touched upon gossip, papparazzi, and blogs created by black women.


Essence: How do you deal with the 24-hours-a-day gossip that comes out on the Internet?

Gabrielle: Just last week somebody gave me a baby. This isn’t Perez Hilton or the White gossip people, these are women of color, specifically Black women who, for whatever reason, don’t like the company I keep.

Sanaa: She’s talking about the gossip sites.

Essence: The blogs.

Sanaa: That are run by Black women.

Gabrielle: And now because everyone is clamoring for celebrity tidbits, the bigger gossip sites and even mainstream entities are picking up on it. No fact-checking, no nothing. And in one week’s time, there were like five different dudes, a baby—I’m a homewrecker. In literally seven days. I can’t point the finger at the White media. They don’t care about us. Paparazzi are not staked out in front of any of our houses. They are not going through our garbage because they don’t care about us in that way. So when you hear crap about us, it is coming from our own community, which hurts.

Nia: We are some of the few Black actresses whose passions are rooted in our community.

Gabrielle: There is this idea that there is integrity in journalism; if it’s written it has to be true. But that’s not the case. When blogs or any of the magazines get it wrong, there’s no accountability. In the next breath, they’ll complain on the blogs that we don’t have enough Black stars. Well, you rip us to shreds every two seconds from our nose to the weave to the clothes to the shoes to the ashy ankles.

Food For Thought.

If you look Good, You feel Good

Although I am not the biggest fan of Ms. Solange or her wardrobe, she made me double-back twice with this one. Who says black is for funerals? With her big bulky bag (every girls personal bag of excessive junk), fierce open-toe sandals, and chunky gold accessories to set it off, she was nearly mistaken for her undebateably fashionable sister Beyonce . Like the two-sport pro-ball player Deion Sanders confirms on many episodes of his reality show "Deion & Pilar Sanders: Prime Time Love", " if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good, if you play good, they pay good". Well ladies, rocking an outfit like this, not only would I feel good and play good, but I'd feel fabulous and definitely play hard to get. Watch out fellas!

P.S Check out her nails! Alternating black and white. Obsessive? Trying too hard? Maybe. But for me, it works!

Boston's on Top of the NBA World!

Just had to give a confirmed congrats to the Celtics for taking home their 17th championship last night after mopping the Garden floors with the Lakers with a remarkable score of 131-92. Yeaaa, feels good to be a Boston girlie.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take it to the House!

With game six going on strong as we speak, I have to give my Celtics a round of applause because they are playing beautifully and shamelessly embarrassing the L.A Lakers. These fellas are definitely stepping it up and playing their hearts out to win big back on the home court. As I sit at the edge of my seat equally as reactive and engaged as every other NBA fiend, I have to confess that in the midst of the scoring excitement and miraculous lead, my eyes zoned in on a new eye candy. Number 50, Mr. Eddie House. Ooh-la-la. This 6-1, 175 pounds of caramel has been (to my surprise) playing in the pro league for seven years. As a newbie and guard on the winning team, (not a jinx but an accurate forecast) I have to give it to him, he has definitely been showing out and shutting the court down with his 3's. Ladies, if you have a sweet tooth like i do, get a taste of this eye candy on the NBA official site. Stay tuned for the next undercover sweets to make the Candy Shop!

Work 'em Some

"Catch me flossin' with my work 'em pumps on, work 'em dress, work 'em some lipstick on. Your spoon aint ready for this honeycomb"

- Kelis, Handful

-You know what ladies? With my head hanging low over the weekend, I managed to allow all that I'm worth to to be blurred, blinded and to sneakily be snipped and slipped right past me. My dad has always said, in all my endeavors i must "recognize who's the prize". And you know what? I am the prize. I'm a lady. How many females out there can say that, believe that, and truly represent that? My heads on right and it's held up high. I do what I have to do and go for what I know i need to do. I don't need a man to feel like a woman. With my priorities straight, a smile on my face, the right lip gloss, and the baddest pumps. . . I'm a phenomenal young woman. I may not be perfect, but I'm strong. Watch me walk. Watch me switch. Watch me work. I'm me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hair Styling Trendsetter

Looking for a new summer hair-do? Who better to turn to than the sleek and chic fashionista Rihanna. Previously, the bobbed beauty set trends and turned heads with her jet black asymmetric bob. Every girl (including myself) had a magazine clipping or downloaded picture in hand at the hair salon waiting to receive a carbon copy of the styling genius's new cut. Now, with her third album in stores, Good Girl Gone Bad, this Good Girl has gone Grown. With many fans and celebrities alike adopting the bob and adding their own edge to it, Rihanna, being the cutting-edge and versatile woman that she is, kicked her album off with a newer,chic-er and shorter cut. Strutting a jet black, long sweeping bang, flipped with layers, I must say she's a doll. Her style is once again, a hit, and possibly the next clipping that I myself may bring to my hairdresser. Perfect for the on-the-go, daring, and versatile young woman seeking a sleek and chic mature change for the summer (or fall). While fashion is said to be a clear cut representation of a unique and creative personality, similarly, hair styles also serve as individualism and self-expression. Her stylist, Urusula Stephen, states:

"I wanted to give her something manageable, but i didn't want to go too masculine. i wanted to give her a cut that was girly and playful"

*Well take a bow Mr.Stephen. Job Well Done! Ladies, if you're daring, seeking a change, and a boss that can work the side sweep and slicked down nape. . . GO For It! Because you know Miss Elise definitely will. ;)

Once a silly woman, Not always a silly woman

“You won’t know the woman you are until you’re thirty. Things change and when you’re young, you’re still silly. What you’ll accept when you’re young you won’t accept once you’re older. Once you’re evolved as women you won’t accept the silliness. There comes a time when you have to raise yourself as you raise your children - with some accountability.”

- Kimora Lee

-With such a sad weekend and unnecessary silly relationship arguments, I came across this quote on a friends blog, letsjusteatcheese by Shauna Barbosa, cited from Kimora Lee's spread in Giant Magazine that inspired me, dawned on me, and got me thinking.

Not So Glamorous

My first weekend in NY seemed like eternity. A Night In. Lights out. T.V off. Blinds open. Thunder. Lightening. Rain. Fireworks. Watching the Brooklyn Bridge light up. Tears. Pretty emotional, huh? It's not as easy and glamorous as it seems to pack up your things first summer after college and head out to start an internship in the city. On the one hand, the opportunity and experiencing the city is amazing. Doing it alone, living alone, and laughing alone on the other hand...not so much. I'm used to the entourage. My friends laughing and shopping with me. But instead, my laugh echoes and for once. . .it's just me, myself, and I. I try to be so independent, so strong, so driven, confident, and classy. I want great things for myself so I go after every opportunity presented, including this one. My future, my studies, my passion for beauty, and my career is always front and center. Typical me, I packed up with mere hesitation and came to NY because I knew that this opportunity was undebateably an opportunity to network and grow, and a bonus for my resume and personal development as a young African American woman seeking a career in business. Consequently I put ME to the side. The inner me that enjoys conversations about nothing with my "piece of pie, piece of cake", shopping on a budget with my girls, joy rides and 3:00 am McDonald's trips with my "cool guy", and walking down the hill to spend time with mommy-to-be. I put smiling aside to better my future. While I do not and will not regret my decision, I often contemplate what this summer would be like if I just stayed the Boston girl that I am and spent my summer vacation as just that, a vacation.

Meet, Greet, & Arepas

It's my first week in the city and I have already begun filling my schedule as much as possible (did I mention that I'm an on-the-go kind of girl?). One of the highlights of my week was meeting up with Connie Wang, an intern at Teen Vogue. We decided to meet up at Caracas Arepas Bar on 91st & 7th st. ( great spot by the way if your looking for recommendations!). We met up around 6:30 on Wednesday. From the start we connected and our conversation had a shared interest and passion for the things we enjoy doing most, hers being fashion editorials and mine being beauty. Upon meeting Connie I was hoping to depart with new knowledge. I wanted to have a plan set and goals that i needed to achieve in order to inch closer to my hopes of becoming a beauty intern for Teen Vogue. Talking with Connie helped me in more ways than possible. I left our conversation with a new confident vision, more direction, and a more powerful drive than before. I knew exactly what i would need to do to challenge myself, to fluff my resume, and who to talk to get my name out there. With so many people in this world who are hesitant to lend a hand to someone with hopes of achieving success as they have, i am more than grateful that Connie didn't mind giving me the inside scoop and truly giving me advice that others would cunningly hold back. Not only have i made a connection through networking, inquired useful tips, but i have also made a friend and mentor. As the icing and cherry on the top, I have an informative Interview in beauty with Teen Vogue third week in July, wish me luck! And again, Thanks Connie!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Better yet, Heatherette.

To describe Heatherette in one word is absolutely impossible. Created by Richie Rich and Traver Rains launched in 1999, these guys have given birth to a brand lifestyle that screams unique, glamour, outrageous, funky and fun all in one breath. With celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, and Foxy Brown seen sporting the Heatherette line, Richie and Traver have captured the interest of a growing audience, making a name for themselves in the fashion industry. Sneak a peek at their ">Spring 2008 Fashion show. The designs and styles are so unique . . . so creative . . . so funky. I’ve fallen in love with their mini dresses.Especially the one designed for MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen-er Teyana Taylor. There’s so much going on that it’s hard to sum them up in quick detail. That’s what I love about them. They’re so complex yet in perfect alignment with the personality traits of someone who’s simply fun, out-going…and self-expressive. The array of vibrant colors, with a splash of glitter and the mix & match of patterns and fabrics gives off an “I’m me” aura, allowing the outfit to serve as a personal expression. Now that I’m in the downtown Manhattan area, I just might have to take a subway trip down to feel what’s said to be the “pulse of Heatherette”. I believe there is a direct correlation between your personality and the clothes you wear, and if you’re a fashion leader definitely pick a clothing line that best describes you through pattern, color, fit and fabric. Better yet, make it Heatherette.

Oh, Go Couture Yourself!

I must say, visiting the Juicy Couture store and shopping online at their site is never a disappointment. I’m always guaranteed to find something I’m itching to buy. With my debit card in hand, contemplating whether or not an overdraft is worth the buy, I click add to cart. While I cannot possibly ‘add to cart’ everything from the Juicy line, contrary to the fashionista Paris Hilton, I will name a few of the hopefuls that made my list. I’m a flip flop kind of girl, definitely with the summer inching in it’s time to ball up the socks and make a shot at the box of clothes waiting to make its way to the attic. With a nice vibrant color like shocking pink from O.P.I illuminating my toes, Juicy’s Kari Anchor Charm Thong Sandal’s are a definite must-have. The navy/pink made it to my checkout. They’re equipped with a cute toe strap, white strips on the insole, and a bow with an anchor charm. So, if you’re looking for the right flip- flops for the summer, definitely choose Juicy.

While April showers bring May flowers, in the east, we definitely get our share of the thunder storm and summer rain. Splashing in puddles may be fun at the time; however wet jeans and the later dirt stains that remain while riding the subway are not so fun. I have a better idea, splash around in these. Juicy’s Sabrina Viva Juicy Rainbows are too adorable to pass up. And to satisfy my frenzy for brown boots, they have a pair in off-white with brown and pink writing. Just my luck? Just my style. I love the anticipation of shopping. You never know what you’re going to find, making a great buy for a bargain can be such a relief. It’s like hitting a fashion jackpot and personally I think these boots are golden.

Can you tell I’m obsessed with Juicy Couture yet? If those two buys didn’t do it for you, this will. Scent is most sensitive to memory; whether it’s your middle school days when you started off wearing Bath& Body Works sprays, or your puberty-stricken high school days when you purchased your first bottle of perfume. Whatever the case may be, the summer is rolling around and it’s time for a new scent. Something soft, flirty, and absolutely girly. Try Juicy Couture’s Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz. As if that bottle itself isn’t cute enough to lure you into a purchase, a quick sample absolutely will. The scent is not too light where it wears off with a passing hour, but not too strong where it causes passerby’s to flare their nostrils. Just right for a more mature, more fashionable scent. As for me, I’m onto my second purchase of the product. It’s addicting.
I have to admit, that’s the way the Juicy got em’!

B(log) - In

So, it has been my first two days on the job and it has been a little slow around the office. I've met a lot of nice people who have given me a little insight into what their role is around the office and exactly what the corporate business system’s department does as a whole. With the department having a little trouble giving me access to numerous databases there has been a slight set back in some of the projects I have been scheduled to work on. With such free time on my hands it sounds boring, huh? Actuallyyyy, I have come across a lot of cool tips and opportunities that will make my next stay in N.Y different and exciting. It’s kind of complicated to explain how a marketing, journalism and beauty interest ended up with an Information Technology based internship, but I’ll leave my resume to explain what I do there. I must say, it should always be an experience worth taking advantage of when you are put in a position or situation notably outside of your interests and comfort zone because it allows you to become more well-rounded, marketable, and knowledgeable. As for my free time in the office, I spend the majority of my work day reading dozens of fashion and beauty blogs. Some of which became absolute inspirations to advance my own blog. One of which being PrettyLegit by Connie Wang, a summer intern at Teen Vogue. After pouting my lip in sadness with a hint of jealousy that she had scored my dream job, I took this as an opportunity to learn even more about an interest I hold so close to home. So I emailed Connie. Receiving an email back seemed so far fetch, but hey well worth the try. Within an hour she emailed me back! She was willing to meet up for coffee and give me the inside scoop on interning at Teen Vogue and trafficking readers to my blog. I’ll be sure to have a pen and paper, frantically taking down tips and advice. This will definitely be a cup of coffee to remember. In the business world they always hint: it’s not always what you know but who you know. Well . . . you (or I for that matter) may never know, Connie might just be the reference and help I need to put my foot in the door to become a prospective Teen Vogue intern like herself. I’ll keep you posted on our get together.

To raise your self-esteem, it starts with lips that shine!

Before leaving the house, I have to triple check that I have multiple lip glosses in my purse for back up. As the girly girl that I am, having the right lip gloss is a must and it takes tons of testers in the cosmetics department before finding the right one. After testing out L’Oreal Paris Colour Juice in the butterscotch drop 850 hue, Lancome Paris Juicy Tubes Smoothies, and tons more in local drug stores I figured that in order to find the right gloss I would have to pay the price. So versus looking for a bargain, I began looking for the right buy. As I ventured out to familiarize myself with the area surrounding my new summer home in Brooklyn Heights, I stumbled across Montague St. It kind of resembles Newbury Street back home (Boston) but with less high-end stores (I’m sure those are all located on 5th avenue). To my relief, they had a M.A.C store. As a major beauty buff and frequent cosmetics buyer, M.A.C is my ultimate favorite. Check out their site. The latest in trends, colors, and seasons are always refreshing and the artists are always up for Q&A. Upon exiting the M.A.C store, my goal was reached. I not only found the right gloss but for a reasonable price as well. The hue is Viva Glam V by M.A.C. It’s an everyday neutural flirty summer color with a slight shimmer (which looks great in the sun I might add). To top it off, it lasts hours and its only $14.50! If you’re not on a budget, I would also recommend their Tinted Lip Glass in Spite. I definitely will not need a back up for this buy!

By the way, I love your shoes!

I have to say, riding the subway is one of the best ways to come up close and personal with fashion. With such a diverse group of people from all walks of life traveling to get where they’re going, the fashion I encounter is beyond amazing. Its unique. First impressions are everything, starting with what catches the eye. As for myself, I’m a big shoe fan. I find myself looking down and getting lost in the crowds as I skim through the different styles of shoes I find in my surroundings. While I do not have a foot fetish, I admit to having an uncontrollable (and boy a financially challenging) shoe fetish. Stepping onto the elevator at the Clark St. stop on the 2 train, my eyes began to do their usual scan. Bingo! To my eyes delight, I spotted a pair of suede wedged peep-toe heels in violet with a bow on top, as if to seal it with a kiss. The girl must’ve noticed me staring at her feet, so to stop her from thinking I was some foot obsessive creep, I told her how much I love her shoes. In response she laughed “I’m soo over them!”. I wanted to reassure her that if she ever wanted to hand them over, I’d have no problem taking them out of her hands. But I kept it to myself. While she was so over them, I was so into them. Wanting to add them to my personal collection, I asked her where she got them. She said Charlotte Russe. A more than surprising store might I add. A fashion lesson learned. You come across some of the greatest buys when you least expect it. I guess Charlotte Russe is just one of my “least expect it” stores to shop at. Come to think of it. I did purchase two of my favorite jeans there. Looks like it’s time to put the Russe back to use. I might just find some more great buys in Charlotte’s web. Hopefully I’ll come across these incredible shoes again because they keep clicking through my head.

Hello, Yello!

After attempting to liven up my less than bareable new summer home, a bright idea turned to a disaster for my newly painted manicure. My nice subtle pink polish had chipped and scratched on all ten fingers and resembled the artwork of my little cousin playing dress up. In such a rush to catch my flight back to the city from a quick home sweet home getaway, getting a manicure was impossible. When kissing my friends goodbye one of my besties slipped a bottle of O.P.I Need Sunglasses? nail lacquer into my messy purse. The color looked exceptional with her skin color, but as for mine, not so much. Or at least so I thought. With not much of a selection, I decided to give the no-go yellow nail polish a go. Surprisingly enough, I received so many compliments on the color at work, on the subway, and the elevators. I overheard two girls chitchatting while I was holding the pole on the 2 train and one commented “I love her nail color. It’s yellow, but not too yellow. It works for the summer”. Satisfied with my yellow polish trial-run, I got back to my room and added another coat! Try it out ladies! Toying around with colors can sometimes work in your favor. Besides it’s summer. Bright colors are always fun. Say farewell to the safe French manicure and hello to yellow!

Friday, June 13, 2008

On-The-Go Girl: NY

Three weeks out of my freshman year of college and it’s time to finally make my semester-long awaited move to the big city. Like interning at Standard & Poor’s in Manhattan doesn’t scream “wow!” enough, I flew JetBlue Airways from Boston To New York. Previously, I would’ve bought a last minute bus ticket and booked booked it to South Station or Chinatown with a face mask, just to later sink in my last row seat hoping the Fung Wah wouldn’t turn off the road (as it has on numerous occasions). But, life for me now is sunny side up this summer. Ive traded my face mask and hand sanitizer in for Blue Terra chips and a one-way Jet Blue Airways plane ticket to JFK International Airport. Blue loves you, baby? Despite the typical coach seat, who could complain? Flying to New York from Boston? That’s new. That’s fortunate. I asked a close friend of mine what his take on my flying to the city was. “High Maintenance?” I asked. In a less than usual sarcastic response, he responded “you’re fortunate, not high maintenance, unless you make it high maintenance”. I like that. Fortunate. Made me feel less like a spoiled brat. Just my luck.

Welcome to JFK International Airport. While driving on the highway, Brooklyn-bound, I stared out the window in amazement; like a true tourist with my mouth agape. Not that I haven’t been to the city before, but it always sends a chill and gives me goose bumps. It’s the lights, the traffic, the yellow taxi cabs, the boutiques lining each block, and the fast pace of those walking the crosswalks in such a hurry to get where they are going. Everyone seems to have a destination, one that I can only imagine to be well worth riding the crowded subway and walking multiple blocks to reach. Its gives you a thirst to venture out and become a part of such a buzzing and happening culture.

I kept replaying the virtual tour in my head (while crossing my fingers) hoping that the housing would not turn out to be just a figment of my imagination. $6,200 for the summer?! Must be modern. Most be fancy, flawless, fabulous! The Marilyn Munroe portrait decorating the walls of the lounge found in a thumbnail on the housing site seemed amazing. So classic. So chic. Just my style. It made “Educational Student Housing” sound less like the uptight well-off education environment one would assume, and more like a setting for diversity, personality, and charisma. However, the historical landmark of St. George Hotel was quite the eyesore upon pulling up to the entrance ( womp,womp), but hey, all buildings in NY are run-down on the outside, right? Wrong. I found myself enclosed by burnt orange, olive green, and mud brown walls as I searched for my room assignment. I pinched my eyes (and nose) as I slid my I.D card into the door. Instantly a massive cloud with lightning bolts and torrential rains formed above my head. My "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" were drenched; and it would take a full refund and a one-way back to Boston to wring them out. However, not wanting to let my “fortunate” compliment be replaced with “high maintenance”, I sucked it up, rolled up my sleeves, flipped the T.V to the R&B Hits channel and smeared my M.A.C lip gloss off to avoid collecting dust on my lips like a dryer filter. A couple of hours, candles, Lysol wipes, disinfecting spray, a chipped manicure and a loose hair wrap later, the clouds passed. The forecast was once again sunny side up.

Although the view in my room is no such entertainment, on the bright side, directly outside my window I have a more than incredible view of both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. As the sun set and the bridge lit up, as did my optimism. Baring the ultimate housing let down instead of fleeing home-sweet-home may just be the opportunity cost for an experience that is priceless. I wonder what the big city has in store for me. Maybe it will bring me that much closer to living my foolishly imagined glamorous New York city girl lifestyle. But until then, I am just another girl on the M.T.A.