Tuesday, July 29, 2008

O.P.I & Chanel Nailed it!

With the fall rolling around, darker and richer colors are trading places with the vibrant bright neon spring/summer collections. With up and coming collections from both O.P.I and Chanel, you have the option of spoiling yourself all year round.

Get your hands on a bottle of this. . .

Chanel continues its stampede in must-have nail lacquer colors as their 'Gold Fiction' hits stores. With an 18-karat gold appeal, selling at $30 a bottle, I'm curious to try this new polish out. It's said to be a big deal and I'm anxious to find out if it lives up to it's pricey tag. I'm always up to challenge the hype. Are you?

Or this. . .

O.P.I is also on the ball, dishing out collections and colors that has every blog scrambling to get the story posted. The latest:

Nylon Magazine has announced that O.P.I will launch a Fall lacquer collection inspired by the original cast of Beverly Hills, 90210, set to launch in conjunction with the Fall series premiere of '90210'. With six shades confirmed to hit stores, one can only imagine what creative puns they'll come up with to suit the character roles of these crazy stars. While I highly doubt the new series will ever live up to it's original predecessor, I am excited for the lacquer launch.

Also sneak a peak at their deliciously dark collection with hues such as "Espresso your style!", "Lincoln Park after Dark" "Black Onyx" and "Lincoln Park at Midnight". With dark shades marking today's hottest nail trend, the drama continues with O.P.I's rich and luscious colors. O.P.I continuously aims to please and has yet to let me down!

Haven't tried O.P.I products?

Using their O.P.I Studio, you have the ability to choice from five skin tones and eight collections: The Classics, Brights, Soft Shades, Designer Series, Australia Collection, Russian, Mod About Brights and the India Collection. With the shades and skin tones you can virtually try out the colors before making a purchase or heading to the nail salon. Personally, I am so indecisive when it comes to narrowing down colors and choosing just one at the salon. So if you're like me, be prepared ahead of time and try out all the collections via their website.

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