Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Short Hair vs Long Hair


With the summer heat in full affect and many ladies wavering between their decision to go ahead and be bold with a new cut or stick to their lengthy locks, there are still some ladies who are staying true to their length and keeping up with their long coif. As the avid Essence reader I am, I was looking over their piece (yes, again!) on Gabrielle Union's rejuvenated confidence and fierce new cut. One comment she made was"I can already tell that people take you a little bit more seriously when they're not distracted by long curly locks". My question to you Ladies is: Does a shorter, more mature look portray confidence, professionalism, and sophistication more so than a long flowing mane? Or, is there simply no correlation none-what-so-ever?


Anonymous said...

Long hair is still in and will never go out of style, especially a black woman with her NATURAL hair, not hair that she owns because she purchased it.As veryone jumps on the band wagon and chops off their hair, it just perpetuates the cycle of the ladies with the longer hair getting the double take when a brother walks by, or when she steps into an office fillled with people who expected her to have the regular: medium, shoulder length hair.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I personally believe that some short cuts can make a woman look more professional. While longer locks can be way more versatile. I've never worn my hair really short, but I don't rule it out! :-)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh and thanks for stopping by BGG!!

Wes said...

I've experienced both ends of the spectrum, and yes I did notice that I got a different, more mature kind of attention when my hair was cut short. With my hair long I still have teenage boys trying to "holla" at me as if I'm their age.

Fashion's Darling said...

well I have somewhat experience with both. All throughout High school I've had long hair (way past my shoulders) and people just thought of me as cute and really girly or whatever. Fast forward to freshman year of college I chopped it off into a bob (chin length) and people thought of me as smarter and more serious. Now I was still me, same thoughts, beliefs, etc but people took me seriously with shorter hair.

I just think that long hair may be "distracting" to some people. I don't see why. But I've grown my hair out now (shoulder length) and I still have HS boys tryna talk to me or whatever. Long hair gives that idea of youth so that may be it.

I don't know it's confusing