Thursday, August 14, 2008

Teen Vogue Update

So guys, as you know almost a month ago I went up to the Conde Nast offices for an interview with the beauty director, Eva Chen, at Teen Vogue. Although it was an informative interview I was able to also interview with the beauty assistant, Maura Lynch, for a shot at becoming their Fall 2008 Beauty Intern! The interview went great as I relayed to you fab readers in a previous post, but my only assignment was to find out if my university would allow me to receive college credit and whether or not taking the internship would be possible. Bummer. After sending a bundle of emails to my advisor, career services, and the dean of academic affairs, they pushed for me to be able to take the golden opportunity, BUT I would have to quickly find a NYC community college to take only ONE class for credit (leaving me three classes behind) and I would have to find housing. Sucks huh? Unbearably too much to accomplish in the matter of two weeks. So I did what I could and emailed the ladies letting them know I would receive credit but as for my hours availability, I wasn't too certain. In the end, they could not give me the internship for the fall due to the scheduling issues, BUT, on the bright side, they want me to come and work for their office for the Summer!!! Works even better for me! Now I wont be behind in schooling and I will have another summer in the city! Thanks for the support. Best readers around! ; )


candyrain826 said...

OMG!!!! That is amazing!!! Told you would be doing big things...Congrats and I am so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am glad that you realize what you want to do in life and go after it!


Staci said...

Congrats chica!