Thursday, August 07, 2008

Style Crush: Kelly Rowland

The more I see Kelly, the more I want to be Kelly. Period. From standing in what many considered to be the shadow and backdrop of Beyonce's stardom, Kelly Rowland sets herself apart from her band member flawlessly, fabulously and of course, fashionably. Not to mention she is in the works of making moves for herself, starting with her trips to Africa and London, to her new lifestyle and travel show which is rumored to have began taping back in May. The show entitled 'Around the World' is described as a modern and trendier version of 'Rich & Famous' and will feature specials on restaurants, luxury hotels, the place to be for the hottest parties, and more. Oprah's OWN, Style Network, and Bravo have been looking into the show. Hopefully one of them picks up the show for the 08-09 season. She told ya'll she was gonna bump like this.

As a styling diva, Kelly brings her A-game with elegance and edge.

. . .from t.v show appearances, autograph signings and live performances. . .

. . .to chic sophisticated red carpet shots . . .

. . .and my favorite, a dashing diva's day off. . .

. . . What's not to love about Ms.Kelly? With a bubbly down-to-earth personality, I would leap out my seat for an opportunity to hit the stores with the starlet. She has a cute girly fashion sense and her wardrobe suits me perfectly. ; ).

Who's your style crush? Let me know for upcoming posts.

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