Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's Never Too Late To Make A Comeback

After depressing reviews for 'The Love Guru' (although she escaped direct criticism), Meagan Good is getting back on her feet with three movies lined up with hopes of more promising reviews. In the near future, the actress plays a role in 'Saw V' which is set to hit theaters Halloween of this year, 'Caramel', and 'The Unborn' (2009). While, I may have an on-again-off-again fan relationship with the actress, I'm always open to see what she has to offer. Horror Movie? I didn't really like her role in 'One Missed Call' but we'll see soon enough.

Some of the 'Saw V' stills. . .

*Wow, her eyebrows definitely look amazing. I've always been a fan those when all else fails. ; )

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. . .And after much attention paid to her younger brother Ray J, Brandy is making her way back into the music industry.

With a fifth album in the works, a leaked single 'List', new home with 'Epic Records' and this uber cute ad with her daughter, Sy'rai, I'm happy to see being a mom hasn't eliminated her career.

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teenuh leoné said...

i yawn at meagan good as a actress but do what ya do mama, lol. yeah, at least her eyebrows are always on point. i need mine to look like that. and brandy looks gorg! sy'rai has grown up nicely!