Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Music Madness

With Fall semester rolling around, music is what truly gets me through my classes and papers. Unfortunately my Ipod was stolen and I have yet to buy a new one. So, until them I'll purchase cd's. And I must say I have more than a handful that I can't wait to buy. With all of the released promo shots of these celebs, and upcoming albums, these artists are truly doing their thing and I have yet to frown when hearing their leaked tracks.

Keri Hilson.

This new edgy girl-next-door is hitting the scene by storm and shes taking it all in with more than one direction. Not only is her music inspiring and relevant to the emotional being of women, but her fashion sense is on the rise as well. As a product of Timbaland, you can expect a great beat, and with amazing vocals to match, her album is sure to sell. Her video for 'Energy' and her guest host appearance on 106th caught my attention. September 23rd be sure to cop her album.

Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer Hudson first made a name for herself on American Idol and continued her celebrity with a role in 'Dream Girls'. With powerhouse vocals and a curvacious physique, J.H has become a role model for black women. As she continues her time in the 'Spotlight', her album release is well overdue. I have been patiently waiting to hear a record from Jennifer and finally she dropped 'Spotlight'. I love it. It is definitely an anthem for women that is sung at the top of your lungs in and around the house. Her promo pics are just as stunning and J.H has been ditching the pounds. I do, however, hope that she sticks to her curves. It's a good look for her and I dont think shedding too much weight will be flattering for her. She is currently gracing the cover of Upscale Magazine so pick up a copy if you want to hear more about her anticipated album release. Rumor has it she's dating 'Punk' from 'I Love New York 2', but she has yet to confirm/deny such rumors. Look out for her album which is said to be released September 30th under the Arista Records label.


Ciara has been missing in action and I have to say I have missed her. I enjoyed both of her albums and am still anticipating her third album drop. After taking a mini music break, she has begun to pop back on the music scene featured in 'Stepped on My J'z', a performance with Chris Brown on the '2008 BET Awards' as well as talk about a modeling gig with Victoria's Secret, spokesmodel for the 'Secret Obsession' fragrance, and an acting role in 'Mama, I want to sing'. Talk about a come back, huh? The film is an on screen rendition of the stage play 'Mama I Want to Sing'. Ciara co-stars aside Lynn Whitfield, her mother in the play, and Hill Harper. Her album is set to release in September under Jive Records


Lloyd's sweet and sexy vocals are bound to lure you in with his third album release ' Lessons in Love'. With some of my favorite hits like 'South Side', 'You', 'Players Prayer' and 'Certified', this young man is well on his way to keeping the ladies on their toes and giving guys an easy way to get back in his ladies good grace. As Lloyd has successfully aimed to pleased with both 'Street Love' and 'Certified', he is unmistakably set to keep it up with a more mature and suave 'Lessons in Love'. With one debut single from the album 'Girls Around The World' hitting the countdown there is only more hits to come. His album dropped August 5th, so there's one back to school album you can go out and check off your list.


Neyo, Neyo, Neyo. Singer, Producer, Writer, Actor, Performer. Is there anything he can't do? Not only has he produced some of the hottest records for himself such as 'So Sick', 'Sexy Love', 'Do You', 'Go On Girl', 'Closer', and 'Miss Independent', he has also put his touch on hit records of other industry mates. Neyo has a record for every occurrence in life and i must admit his lyrics illustrated my AIM away message too many times to count. With 'Year of the Gentleman' set to drop September 16th, I'm setting the bar beyong high for this unique and creative vocalist. He truly puts on and produces good music. My Ipod is a must for this album, so it looks like i have to get to Apple, quick.

Solo has been doing her best to make a statement, and that is, shes her own person. Many readily make comparisons between her and her diva sister Beyonce, but she's more than just the kid sister, shes a young woman and she's making that known now more than ever. She spoke with Parlour Magazine in an interview. . .
P: Do you think people will get your music?

S: I have never felt at home in one demographic. That’s my struggle with management and my label, getting everyone to identify that just because I’m African-American, that doesn’t mean that I’m an urban artist. I make music for people that have a sophisticated ear and are brave enough to support something non-traditional. People complain about the state of music, but there are alot of diverse and talented artists with people that support them. But their fans aren’t the ones calling the radio station, they just want to see a good show. So I said, we should just do a tour and all of the artists that are going to be a part of it will have the same voice and stance on music. So, we, Janelle Monae, Chester French, the Knux and I, got all of our managers on the phone and started making a tour happen. It’s in the very early stages, but we’re trying to put something together. continue >>


Wes said...

I can't wait for Ciara to make her comeback!

belle said...

i really want for ciara to come back. rihanna is so annoying.