Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eliminating the EXTRA Baggage!

All too often women tote around the over sized yet fashionable big black handbag. You know you have yours. I admit I can't leave the house without my black Juicy Couture Day Dreamer Velour Tote. Like most, it's generally congested (yes, congested) with multiples of one product, old receipts, crumbs, change, and hair pins. Sound similar to your daily disaster? When it's time to check out at the register it takes minutes on top of minutes to scramble through it looking for your debit card or the exact change, or even worse, finding your subway card when you hear the train pulling up to the platform. To all my bag ladies, this is holding you up and slowing you down. As an on-the-go girl things have to be at better access than it's been thus far and I'm here to help solve the baggage blockage with a bundle of necessities. Note: Need only one of each. Refill when necessary, not just to swallow space. So without further or do, for the excessive clutter mayhem I give you 'a girls guide to light weight toting'.

The Essentials:

1. Hand Lotion - With all outings, washing your hands is a must and they will get dry following the bathroom visit. (Aveda Hand Lotion is a great product). 2. Mints - After/Prior to dinner a tooth brush is not accessible and gum will only make you hungrier. Pop one of these in. 3. Hand Sanitizer - After riding the subway, being outside, and shaking people's hands your hands are congested with germs, so just to be on the safe side use a dab. 4. Sidekick LX -or any cellular device. A girl can't function without her connection to her besties. 5. Debit Cards- Depending on where you're headed carrying around a wad of money can be all too dangerous. Keep it quick and easy with at debit in hand. 6. Dove Cool Essentials Deodorant - Definitely the best deodorant around (let me just put that out there). Raising your arm on the subway or while dancing crazily would not possible, better yet comfortable, for you or those surrounding you without sweat guard. 7. Feminine Wipes - You never know when the dinner can lead to a night cap. After dancing and sweating the night away, hygiene may not be on point. Take a quick steal to the bathroom and freshen up (Try Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths). 8. Mirror - Looking your best is of high importance. You don't want lunch stuck in your teeth now do you ladies? 9. Lip gloss - Is yours poppin'? Have the right gloss from the splurge worthy ones to the drugstore favorites. Only one is necessary and just to be a little lenient having a chap stick or lip balm as backup is acceptable seeing as reapplying gloss at 2am is a sticky situation. Also guys for some reason cant get with the gloss.( Try L'Oreal Colour Juice) 10. Eye Pencil - As the evening hours start to roll around, your day time makeup is just that day wear. To add a little edge have a pencil at hand. Also when it starts to run and smudge beneath the eye giving you the 'black eye' appeal, it's a vivid warning to retrace the lower lid ( I adore MAC Kohl Liner). 11. Cash- Ladies, if you're on a date be on the safe side and have enough to cover your meal in case you have to walk out on a cheap brotha' and leave him to wash the dishes in the back. You're way too fly. Also in case of an emergency cab trip or dead phone battery have singles and change. 12. Body Spray - After the perfume wears off, reapplying the fragrance can be a bit too strong and ultimately lure in the unwanted nightlife bugs. Body Spray is light and feminine (I love Pearberry from Bath&Body Works). 12. Wallet - Lastly, have a wallet. With your I.D's, Cash, and Debit needed don't let them float around and add to the unwanted clutter. Do a little organization within organization by having a wallet handy (My favorite are from Nine West. The Zebra Print is my next steal!).

The Extra Essentials:

Yes, there are a few exceptions:

1. Condoms - Especially for college students and the single sass. Having your own condoms guarantees safety. Your body is a temple and by no means do you want pregnancy, STD's, or HIV to intrude upon it. As my cousin wisely told me prior to entering the college world 'you never know when something's going to pop off'. Safe Sex 2. Keys - Getting locked out after drinking, partying, and sore feet, the last thing you want is to be stranded on the front porch or lawn. 3. Ipod - Music is my life and without it, the long bus rides from school and the paper marathons wouldn't be possible. I understand if your tunes are tugging at your leg and must accompany every trip. 4. Medication - From birth control, to allergy pills, over-the-counter and more serious medications, your health is number one. 5. Tampons/Pads/Panty Liners - Aunt Flo came for a visit at the worst time possible? Let's not leave the room with a grand exit. Better safe than sorry girls.

** For tips on how to clean your already worn out handbag check out Staci's blog at Handbag Report. Tell her I sent ya ; )

Whats in your bag? : )


Anonymous said...

This is a great tip. I too have fell victim to clutter mayhem inside my bag. I have everything you mentioned inside of my bag except the feminie wipes. I carry baby wipes instead because I read feminie wipes can cause unwanted discharge..anywho I also carry a small umbrella, bottle of water, phone charger, a pen, and pads!


Staci said...

Love the tips! By the way, I visit Flats & Frappuccino's faithfully. ;0) Congrats on the position with Conde Nast! I wish you much success!

Truly_Blessed said...

i loved this article! my purse is a mess -- i truly am about to clean it out right here on my desk :)

Elaine said...

Wow... you have mentioned the complete list of esentials which should be present in your travel bag.