Monday, August 11, 2008

And the Fiercee Award Goes To :::drumroll:::


Tyra needs to have her on the show with a podium and an award because Rihanna truly has the industry and the fashion game in a headlock. She's running the game right now and is currently rocking her crown like none other. From beautiful unique vocals with a hint of the islands, oh-so-cute young love with Chris Brown, and a fashion sense that makes even moi blush, Rihanna is truly a role model across the board. I have purposely avoided using Rihanna for "Style Crush" because her style is obviously one to watch and follow and hoards of blogging sites shine the spotlight on her. I really just wanted to give other ladies a chance. you know? But it's too hard to not succumb to the rising dashing diva. But this post is not for style crush, it's to get you ladies ready for striking spread in Essence Magazine! These photos are amazing. Can't to scoop a copy. Keep it up Rihanna, you have every fashion fiend standing on their toes. Fabulosity at it's best. Hands Down,this is one of her best shoots thus far. Better yet, one of Essence's best shoots thus far.

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Anonymous said...

I love Rihanna's style! I definitely will be picking up an Essence magazine.