Monday, August 04, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life:

I believe that in life everyone should have a soundtrack. From R&B love ballads to Hip Hop records, there's a song for every situation you face. Beyond the beat and the artist, the lyrics may get you through the roughest breakup and have all your girls singing along on a road trip. Whatever the event, music has you covered.

1. Karina Pasian - Just Can't Find The Words
2. Leona Lewis - Forgive Me
3. R.City - Losin' It
4. Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight

5. Mariah - Loving You Long Time
6. Lil' Wayne - Mr. Carter
7. Chris Brown - Heart Aint A Brain

8. Usher - Trading Places

9. Day 26 - Since You Been Gone

10. R. Kelly - Hair Braider
Just a few of my repeats. What are some of yours? : )


Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne-I'm Me
Maze and F.Beverly-Before I Let Go
K.Cole-Falling Out
Usher-Can You Help Me
Monica-Why I Love You
Mya-Its All About Me Remix
Kayne West-All Falls Down
Kayne West-Everything I'm Not
Kayne West-Wait Till I Get My Money Rite.
Lloyd-Player Prayer/Year of the Lova
Mumbo Sauce-Miracles/Welcome to DC
Aayliah-I Don't Wanna
R.Kelly-Forever More
Trey Songz-Just Got To Make It


Wes said...

lol @ 'Hair Braider', I thought I was the only one who (secretly) liked that song, lol.
I have soooo many songs on my life's soundtrack, I wouldn't even know where or how to begin!