Monday, August 25, 2008

Note From Yours Truly

My sincerest apologies.

From moving back home,

To moving back on campus,

Buying Books,

And the first week of classes,

It is unmistakably clear that blogging has yet to make it into my schedule.

I cannot even name when I have been on the Internet for personal use, seeing as it has strictly been course related and textbook related.

Don't fret, i will be back as soon as my busy busy campus schedule will allow it.

But until then, definitely check out the blogs I've listed. These girls have mastered blogging and never fall short of keeping you on your toes for the latest in fashion, music, love and life.

What's been happening at the close of your summer? Back to school too?

Talk to ya soon loves. ; )

- Yours Truly


Wes said...

Oh man I remember those days all too well... You'll be alright though! Keep working hard.

teenuh.leone said...

Good luck in school hun!! xoxo

Anonymous said... schedule has been crazy too..with being back on campus, to the course work and its only going into the 3rd week of school, and all the other things I am involved in. But i'll be waiting til you get back on your blogging game because i really miss it...good luck with school and I will def. be checking out the other blogs you have highlighted on your page.

Fresh said...

Girl where you been at???? We miss you!!! Come back soon!