Friday, August 08, 2008

Celeb Ladies Are Taking The Short Cut

As a fan and follower of the bob trend, chopping a couple inches off was no biggie and I was excited about the transition. With a thick texture to my hair, my bob was nice and full and I had no regrets after. I think it suits a lot of women, ranging in ages and head shape. But, there are a few women who have jumped on the bandwagon and I scream 'why?' when I saw them. Not because the look wasn't for them because they are all still stunning, but because with beautiful hair such as theirs I'd feel so blessed.

My biggest upset:
Tia Mowry

Why Tia? Since the Sister-Sister days I was always jealous of the twins' hair. While I put pom-poms in my hair playing dress up, these girls had all I ever wanted. Maybe she was going for a more mature look? Still beautiful none the less, but I'm disappointed the trend got to her. Long hair is not extinct. It will never go out of a style. To me, a bob can.

Not to mention:
Eva Longoria:
With her first lengthy bob, I thought the look was very sophisticated and cute. Fit her well and I gave it a thumbs up. But once she allowed her hubby, Tony Parker, to become scissor happy, i stuck my thumb in my mouth. The look screams 'soccer mom' to me on her. Agree? Maybe it's the part on the side. I think she should have stuck with her length.

And Now Selita Ebanks:
Blissfully, we had an ebony beauty strutting her stuff and posing to perfect for Victoria's Secret. Beautiful skin, charming smile, and fabulous length. Now, she's displayed her new look. And again, with such beauty, versatility is amazing. She can make any style look good. I did, however, enjoying seeing an ethnic woman with long hair blowing like the blonde's.

Man, who's next. Wondering what's next for me? Fall semesters around the corner, and I'm ready to tweak the do. Without further or do, meet my new hair styling diva Keri Hilson.

Not that big of a change, but I love it! What's the next hair-do in line for you?

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