Friday, August 01, 2008

Starbucks Ranks Fourth

While NYC may appear to be congested with Starbucks on just about every street corner, Dunkin Donut's comes in at No.1 on the the list of national retailers in the city. Starbucks has 235 stores in NYC, 186 of them located in Manhattan alone. wow.

Just a little Starbucks update. I mean this is Flats & Frappuccino's. What's a girl without a tall double chocolate chip frappuccino with chocolate syrup and extra whipped cream? Oops, maybe my addiction is unique =(.

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Wes said...

Wow... thats hard to believe. The Starbucks in my job's building always has a line forming out on the sidewalk- every morning! But I'll admit I dont frequent Starbucks at all, unless I'm getting a marble loaf slice at lunch time.