Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wanna Be On Top?

The time has come yet again for another season of 'America's Next Top Model'. While many criticize the creator of 'fierce', I think the show is still a Wednesday night must-see and her talk show, yep, I watch it. Season 11 kicks off September 3rd and I will be right there starry-eyed watching the premiere. With such a festive advertisement, I'm exciting to see what Tyra and the panel has in store for the new round of hopefuls. Maybe my application will be sumbitted for season 13. ; )

And speaking of a retired Angel, Victoria Secret's Angels beautifully illustrate the cover of GQ Magazine UK. In their three cover special collector's fold out spread the girls are going wild!


Jess said...

the ladies look good! a little over the top but nevertheless good! and by the way: i love ur blog! it's very well put together and the writing is impeccable! i will definitely be adding you to my blog roll as i believe it is well worth it!:)

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