Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Secret Obsession

After so much controversy has surfaced over Eva Mendes' nude Ad campaign and commercials, Calvin Klein's 'Secret Obsession' Fragrance can now be purchased on Although the fragrance does not launch officially in stores until the fall, you can get a head start and your hands on a bottle today!

While the commercial has been banned on U.S television networks by TV Execs, who ultimately point fingers at George Bush, the company has uploaded the unedited commercial on the web for viewers to see. Haven't seen the commercial? Check it out her on F&F!

"You must be kidding me. This country really needs a new President — this country is so messed up,” Baron told WWD, adding that if kids can watch people get killed, a little naked Mendes certainly won't hurt." - Fabien Baron, Ad's Creative Director.

Calvin Klein is a fashion leader and he challenges society and is not afraid to go againt the odds. Remembering back more than a decade ago, when controvery stirred over the racy ad for his underwear collection. That's fashion for ya, and it's guaranteed that it makes that much more men go out and purchase the product. Can't knock his hustle, sex sells.

"Being outrageous and anti-establishment makes him sexy, hip and an icon to young people. He [Calvin] says, 'I'll show blue-haired ladies what I think of this outrage.' The irony, of course, is he'll sell underwear."

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Fresh said...

Kudos to whoever stopped the ad from selling in the U.S. I am a firm believer in setting examples for our children however I wonder why our government hasn't pulled the plug on their sex related ad campaigns. It just makes me wonder if this was a publicity stunt.