Monday, June 30, 2008

It Happens: Royalty

After trying so hard to give my all without receiving much joy in return, I realized that if I don't stand for something I'll fall for anything. Cliche? Knowing deep down that I was forcing myself to accept an unacceptable situation, I did what was best for me and searched for an exit. Walking out of it, I can honestly say I waved good-bye with a smile on my face. What was once attraction at first sight, remained just that from start to finish. There was no friendship, no understanding, and no similarity. Opposites attract. Cliche? In all actuality, those of similarity attract and become opposites when it matters and sees fit. Relationships that start off as friendships are the strongest relationships. Cliche? With each passing relationship, I can openly admit that not once have I fallen for a friend and opened a romantic chapter with one. Possibly out of fear that a tough breakup could ruin two connections, I refrained from crossing lines. Or, possibly each guy I've met asked me out before I could even consider them a friend. I always wondered what it would be like to transition from calling someone a really close friend to referring to them as someone special or a significant other. I've finally stopped wondering and am now experiencing. There's some many old adages and cliche responses that we hear so often but ignore just as frequently because of how common they are. These sayings come a dime a dozen and are overlooked and taken lightly. I, for once, can support these sayings with personal testimony instead of individual wonders and assumptions. It's not often you have a red carpet laid out for you, or what seems like one, someone referring to you as Queen, or what sounds like it, and someone pampering you without requesting it, or what feels like it. Not many women are given the pleasure of experiencing the lifestyle of Royalty. However, I have. I am blessed with a King, that not only plays his part as a man, but puts in overtime to make me feel like a woman. I know my heart is in the right place, I put it there.

P.S - A Card From King.

"When we're together, the laughter's loud, the stories are endless, and the
feeling is easy. Just having you to blow off steam with lifts my spirits, puts
my troubles in check, and renews my outlook for another day. No wonder I call
you first when something funny or outrageous happens and turn to you first when
i need a little support (or a lot). I'm so glad i have a Queen like you -
down-to-earth enough to share just about anything and smart and wise enough to
help guide my life and give me an attitude adjustment when i need it. So I
thank you, my Queen for your love, for your laughter, for your presence in my

P.P.S - Ladies, keep your eye on the prize. It may not go your way in the beginning, but with patience you will soon be repaid. It's only 2008. Its called "Delayed Gratification" ; )


Wes said...

I totally agree... It took me a while to find my King, through many ups and much more downs- I've finally found him and he's not going anywhere!

Anonymous said...

This really touched home for me and you know why... but when you are able to find a person that loves you and would give you the world without asking for it that's when it really matters....maybe your king is not the most handsome but that doesn't matter what matters is that his heart completely belongs to you and hopefully yours belongs completely to him. It does take patience and when that time comes everything seems to fall into place. And that's how I feel know that I have my king and just like wes said he is not going anywhere!!!

P.S. I am so happy for you :-)

Elise said...

to Wes:hold on tight, because they do not blow in with the wind.

to candyrain826: yess!! i was blessed enough to get one that sets the bar high in all aspects. the "transcends past what meets the eye" in the previous entry "dont say im too good for you..." was not meant to give off a tradeoff where ones cute and lacks everything else and the other is opposite. King is all of the above. its not often you meet someone who is sexy,debonair, smart, and is balanced emotionally, physically, and mentally. some say i was fortunate that i havent fallen for the 80/20 rule. which is true, thats because i lucked up and achieved more than 80%. I received a full package with a bonuse; a 110%. How fortunate is that??

Anonymous said...

extremely fortunate...everyone deserves to feel that way...

Sneezy ;) said...

aaww i completely agree hun....this is some good stuff you're writing here, touched my corazoncito :)