Monday, June 23, 2008

Start the summer off with the right Foundation!

Its summer time Ladies! After a long winter of dry and irritated skin, it is time to get back on the scene with last summer’s moisture and glow. With the right blend of foundation and bronzer your skin is guaranteed to feel pampered and refreshed all over again with a more radiant glow. To do the trick: I recommend M.A.C Cosmetics Select Moistureblend SPF 15. The compact, equipped with a complimentary sponge for application, is both creamy and extremely lightweight allowing you to go about your day looking and feeling flawless. To suppress the dull and dry skin winter nightmare, it strengthens your skin with a moisturized and conditioned finish to help build back that healthy silky feel. With 17 different colors and textures you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match in skin tone and skin type. To compliment your new smooth skin, their bronzing powder in Redefined Golden gives off a natural sheer highlight, accenting and enhancing your skin tone. If you like to avoid products that cause your skin to feel heavy and piled with layers of coverage and make-up, I definitely recommend both products. With such a luminous glow, you’ll have your friends questioning who the new man is. Tell them M.A.C. did the trick!


Wes said...

I love MAC powders, and I've tested one of their bronzers in the shop but it looked a little to orangey on me- I think they used the wrong color for my complexion. I can't remember the color name though.

Elise said...

Yea, for women of color, you have to be careful with powders, blushes and foundations. Especially seeing as our faces are two-toned. You may need to purchase more than one foundation because your T-zone tends to be lighter than the outside of your face. As for blushes and powders, too bright colors tend to make you look like a life-size barbie. I usually stick with golden bronzers and powders just so that it enhances my foundation, not stands out on it's own. you kno? For the summer, you can have fun with it and use pink shades of blushes.I found one from MAC that i love. Cant think of the name off the top of my head. ( sad i wear it everyday)