Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take it to the House!

With game six going on strong as we speak, I have to give my Celtics a round of applause because they are playing beautifully and shamelessly embarrassing the L.A Lakers. These fellas are definitely stepping it up and playing their hearts out to win big back on the home court. As I sit at the edge of my seat equally as reactive and engaged as every other NBA fiend, I have to confess that in the midst of the scoring excitement and miraculous lead, my eyes zoned in on a new eye candy. Number 50, Mr. Eddie House. Ooh-la-la. This 6-1, 175 pounds of caramel has been (to my surprise) playing in the pro league for seven years. As a newbie and guard on the winning team, (not a jinx but an accurate forecast) I have to give it to him, he has definitely been showing out and shutting the court down with his 3's. Ladies, if you have a sweet tooth like i do, get a taste of this eye candy on the NBA official site. Stay tuned for the next undercover sweets to make the Candy Shop!

1 comment:

Wes said...

YEAH! GO CELTICS!!! I knew they would take it all the way... Kobe's done- stick a fork in him!