Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh, Go Couture Yourself!

I must say, visiting the Juicy Couture store and shopping online at their site is never a disappointment. I’m always guaranteed to find something I’m itching to buy. With my debit card in hand, contemplating whether or not an overdraft is worth the buy, I click add to cart. While I cannot possibly ‘add to cart’ everything from the Juicy line, contrary to the fashionista Paris Hilton, I will name a few of the hopefuls that made my list. I’m a flip flop kind of girl, definitely with the summer inching in it’s time to ball up the socks and make a shot at the box of clothes waiting to make its way to the attic. With a nice vibrant color like shocking pink from O.P.I illuminating my toes, Juicy’s Kari Anchor Charm Thong Sandal’s are a definite must-have. The navy/pink made it to my checkout. They’re equipped with a cute toe strap, white strips on the insole, and a bow with an anchor charm. So, if you’re looking for the right flip- flops for the summer, definitely choose Juicy.

While April showers bring May flowers, in the east, we definitely get our share of the thunder storm and summer rain. Splashing in puddles may be fun at the time; however wet jeans and the later dirt stains that remain while riding the subway are not so fun. I have a better idea, splash around in these. Juicy’s Sabrina Viva Juicy Rainbows are too adorable to pass up. And to satisfy my frenzy for brown boots, they have a pair in off-white with brown and pink writing. Just my luck? Just my style. I love the anticipation of shopping. You never know what you’re going to find, making a great buy for a bargain can be such a relief. It’s like hitting a fashion jackpot and personally I think these boots are golden.

Can you tell I’m obsessed with Juicy Couture yet? If those two buys didn’t do it for you, this will. Scent is most sensitive to memory; whether it’s your middle school days when you started off wearing Bath& Body Works sprays, or your puberty-stricken high school days when you purchased your first bottle of perfume. Whatever the case may be, the summer is rolling around and it’s time for a new scent. Something soft, flirty, and absolutely girly. Try Juicy Couture’s Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz. As if that bottle itself isn’t cute enough to lure you into a purchase, a quick sample absolutely will. The scent is not too light where it wears off with a passing hour, but not too strong where it causes passerby’s to flare their nostrils. Just right for a more mature, more fashionable scent. As for me, I’m onto my second purchase of the product. It’s addicting.
I have to admit, that’s the way the Juicy got em’!


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