Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Quick "Dash" To Kim's Blog

While Solange Knowles caught my attention in her all black attire a few blogs back, Kim Kardashian has done the same in just the opposite, all white! I have never been a fan of one piece outfits, but as the readers can see, the first two "If you look good, you feel good" have been just that. Here, Kimmy strikes a pose in a halter that exposes just enough cleavage to portray sexiness with subtlety and elegance. The top is loose around the stomach giving the look a casual and comfortable feel. I especially love the drawstring at the waist which allows you to show off your waist and hips. The bottom half has a wide-leg flared look allowing you to dress the outfit up with sandals as Kim does here, or even with flip flops for a simple daytime look. To compliment the outfit, a wrist of different sizes, styles, and colors of bangles always gives off a fun, chic look. Might as well seal the outfit with a beaded clutch. Kim is definitely a styling genius. While some have a love/hate relationship with her, I must say I adore her! With the best tips in makeup, incredible fashion sense, and an entertaining show, who can hate on that? Actually, let me take that back because that's exactly why they hate!!

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Dominican Enigma said...

I love kim kardashian. i think she's absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

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