Monday, June 30, 2008

Short & Sweet: Summer Hairstyle

With the fashionable bob hairstyle catching the eye of women of all ages alike, many find themselves running into a dead end when its time for a touch-up or roller set. When you unfortunately find yourself low on funds or far from a hairdresser, the panic kicks in. It becomes a disaster when the newly cut hair is too short to pull back into a decent ponytail and too long to slick back with gel. Then what? Living in NY for the summer, I have run into this same dreadful problem myself. In an attempt to find a solution, I have been perusing through numerous sites and photos online. I have found one simple and sweet style, that fashionably suits those with a shorter cut. I spotted the style on Miss Eva Diva. As sighted on the red carpet as well as Pre-BET Awards events, she adorably sports a braided crown. The braid tightly begins in the back by her nape, and continues along the front as the braid loosens. The look is perfect for a day out and about, and can even be dressed up for an elegant evening as Eva displays it here.

Any other summer styles for those with shorter length? Leave suggestions ; )

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