Saturday, June 14, 2008

By the way, I love your shoes!

I have to say, riding the subway is one of the best ways to come up close and personal with fashion. With such a diverse group of people from all walks of life traveling to get where they’re going, the fashion I encounter is beyond amazing. Its unique. First impressions are everything, starting with what catches the eye. As for myself, I’m a big shoe fan. I find myself looking down and getting lost in the crowds as I skim through the different styles of shoes I find in my surroundings. While I do not have a foot fetish, I admit to having an uncontrollable (and boy a financially challenging) shoe fetish. Stepping onto the elevator at the Clark St. stop on the 2 train, my eyes began to do their usual scan. Bingo! To my eyes delight, I spotted a pair of suede wedged peep-toe heels in violet with a bow on top, as if to seal it with a kiss. The girl must’ve noticed me staring at her feet, so to stop her from thinking I was some foot obsessive creep, I told her how much I love her shoes. In response she laughed “I’m soo over them!”. I wanted to reassure her that if she ever wanted to hand them over, I’d have no problem taking them out of her hands. But I kept it to myself. While she was so over them, I was so into them. Wanting to add them to my personal collection, I asked her where she got them. She said Charlotte Russe. A more than surprising store might I add. A fashion lesson learned. You come across some of the greatest buys when you least expect it. I guess Charlotte Russe is just one of my “least expect it” stores to shop at. Come to think of it. I did purchase two of my favorite jeans there. Looks like it’s time to put the Russe back to use. I might just find some more great buys in Charlotte’s web. Hopefully I’ll come across these incredible shoes again because they keep clicking through my head.

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Scilw17 said...

Subway fashion & city life it all sounds so exciting! And you are right the best treasures are found in the most unexpected places thats one of the reasons they are soo great. If I can find a good deal on something I have been craving it makes me feel like I have won the lottery!