Saturday, June 14, 2008

B(log) - In

So, it has been my first two days on the job and it has been a little slow around the office. I've met a lot of nice people who have given me a little insight into what their role is around the office and exactly what the corporate business system’s department does as a whole. With the department having a little trouble giving me access to numerous databases there has been a slight set back in some of the projects I have been scheduled to work on. With such free time on my hands it sounds boring, huh? Actuallyyyy, I have come across a lot of cool tips and opportunities that will make my next stay in N.Y different and exciting. It’s kind of complicated to explain how a marketing, journalism and beauty interest ended up with an Information Technology based internship, but I’ll leave my resume to explain what I do there. I must say, it should always be an experience worth taking advantage of when you are put in a position or situation notably outside of your interests and comfort zone because it allows you to become more well-rounded, marketable, and knowledgeable. As for my free time in the office, I spend the majority of my work day reading dozens of fashion and beauty blogs. Some of which became absolute inspirations to advance my own blog. One of which being PrettyLegit by Connie Wang, a summer intern at Teen Vogue. After pouting my lip in sadness with a hint of jealousy that she had scored my dream job, I took this as an opportunity to learn even more about an interest I hold so close to home. So I emailed Connie. Receiving an email back seemed so far fetch, but hey well worth the try. Within an hour she emailed me back! She was willing to meet up for coffee and give me the inside scoop on interning at Teen Vogue and trafficking readers to my blog. I’ll be sure to have a pen and paper, frantically taking down tips and advice. This will definitely be a cup of coffee to remember. In the business world they always hint: it’s not always what you know but who you know. Well . . . you (or I for that matter) may never know, Connie might just be the reference and help I need to put my foot in the door to become a prospective Teen Vogue intern like herself. I’ll keep you posted on our get together.

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