Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Work 'em Some

"Catch me flossin' with my work 'em pumps on, work 'em dress, work 'em some lipstick on. Your spoon aint ready for this honeycomb"

- Kelis, Handful

-You know what ladies? With my head hanging low over the weekend, I managed to allow all that I'm worth to to be blurred, blinded and to sneakily be snipped and slipped right past me. My dad has always said, in all my endeavors i must "recognize who's the prize". And you know what? I am the prize. I'm a lady. How many females out there can say that, believe that, and truly represent that? My heads on right and it's held up high. I do what I have to do and go for what I know i need to do. I don't need a man to feel like a woman. With my priorities straight, a smile on my face, the right lip gloss, and the baddest pumps. . . I'm a phenomenal young woman. I may not be perfect, but I'm strong. Watch me walk. Watch me switch. Watch me work. I'm me.


candyrain826 said...

Hells yeah you are lol...it usually takes a girl a long time to figure out that they are the prize not someone else and when they do that's when a WOMAN begins to emerge...stay with your head up high and never let anyone provoke you to do something else than that...

The Jet Set Girls said...

You should be a lifestyle coach! Fab work on the blog too. Keep it up and you'll attract a huge following!

ed said...