Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hello, Yello!

After attempting to liven up my less than bareable new summer home, a bright idea turned to a disaster for my newly painted manicure. My nice subtle pink polish had chipped and scratched on all ten fingers and resembled the artwork of my little cousin playing dress up. In such a rush to catch my flight back to the city from a quick home sweet home getaway, getting a manicure was impossible. When kissing my friends goodbye one of my besties slipped a bottle of O.P.I Need Sunglasses? nail lacquer into my messy purse. The color looked exceptional with her skin color, but as for mine, not so much. Or at least so I thought. With not much of a selection, I decided to give the no-go yellow nail polish a go. Surprisingly enough, I received so many compliments on the color at work, on the subway, and the elevators. I overheard two girls chitchatting while I was holding the pole on the 2 train and one commented “I love her nail color. It’s yellow, but not too yellow. It works for the summer”. Satisfied with my yellow polish trial-run, I got back to my room and added another coat! Try it out ladies! Toying around with colors can sometimes work in your favor. Besides it’s summer. Bright colors are always fun. Say farewell to the safe French manicure and hello to yellow!


candyrain826 said...

lol I love when that happens... when you try a color you normally wouldn't try and that's when everyone compliments on's ironic but kind of how life works don't you think??? For example if you never try something new and play it safe all the time you miss the excitement and the opportunity that comes with my advice to you and everyone including myself is don't be afraid to let go and sometimes holding back gets you nowhere....Hello Yellow!!!! lol

br0wnsuga019 said...

I agree with candy...I actually decided to try on a new color called dazzle in distress..its this vibrant cooper. While I was at work I received several comments on my polish!! So I guess sometimes you need to step outside your box because you never know what good it may bring!