Saturday, June 14, 2008

To raise your self-esteem, it starts with lips that shine!

Before leaving the house, I have to triple check that I have multiple lip glosses in my purse for back up. As the girly girl that I am, having the right lip gloss is a must and it takes tons of testers in the cosmetics department before finding the right one. After testing out L’Oreal Paris Colour Juice in the butterscotch drop 850 hue, Lancome Paris Juicy Tubes Smoothies, and tons more in local drug stores I figured that in order to find the right gloss I would have to pay the price. So versus looking for a bargain, I began looking for the right buy. As I ventured out to familiarize myself with the area surrounding my new summer home in Brooklyn Heights, I stumbled across Montague St. It kind of resembles Newbury Street back home (Boston) but with less high-end stores (I’m sure those are all located on 5th avenue). To my relief, they had a M.A.C store. As a major beauty buff and frequent cosmetics buyer, M.A.C is my ultimate favorite. Check out their site. The latest in trends, colors, and seasons are always refreshing and the artists are always up for Q&A. Upon exiting the M.A.C store, my goal was reached. I not only found the right gloss but for a reasonable price as well. The hue is Viva Glam V by M.A.C. It’s an everyday neutural flirty summer color with a slight shimmer (which looks great in the sun I might add). To top it off, it lasts hours and its only $14.50! If you’re not on a budget, I would also recommend their Tinted Lip Glass in Spite. I definitely will not need a back up for this buy!

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