Monday, June 16, 2008

Hair Styling Trendsetter

Looking for a new summer hair-do? Who better to turn to than the sleek and chic fashionista Rihanna. Previously, the bobbed beauty set trends and turned heads with her jet black asymmetric bob. Every girl (including myself) had a magazine clipping or downloaded picture in hand at the hair salon waiting to receive a carbon copy of the styling genius's new cut. Now, with her third album in stores, Good Girl Gone Bad, this Good Girl has gone Grown. With many fans and celebrities alike adopting the bob and adding their own edge to it, Rihanna, being the cutting-edge and versatile woman that she is, kicked her album off with a newer,chic-er and shorter cut. Strutting a jet black, long sweeping bang, flipped with layers, I must say she's a doll. Her style is once again, a hit, and possibly the next clipping that I myself may bring to my hairdresser. Perfect for the on-the-go, daring, and versatile young woman seeking a sleek and chic mature change for the summer (or fall). While fashion is said to be a clear cut representation of a unique and creative personality, similarly, hair styles also serve as individualism and self-expression. Her stylist, Urusula Stephen, states:

"I wanted to give her something manageable, but i didn't want to go too masculine. i wanted to give her a cut that was girly and playful"

*Well take a bow Mr.Stephen. Job Well Done! Ladies, if you're daring, seeking a change, and a boss that can work the side sweep and slicked down nape. . . GO For It! Because you know Miss Elise definitely will. ;)

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