Monday, June 16, 2008

Not So Glamorous

My first weekend in NY seemed like eternity. A Night In. Lights out. T.V off. Blinds open. Thunder. Lightening. Rain. Fireworks. Watching the Brooklyn Bridge light up. Tears. Pretty emotional, huh? It's not as easy and glamorous as it seems to pack up your things first summer after college and head out to start an internship in the city. On the one hand, the opportunity and experiencing the city is amazing. Doing it alone, living alone, and laughing alone on the other hand...not so much. I'm used to the entourage. My friends laughing and shopping with me. But instead, my laugh echoes and for once. . .it's just me, myself, and I. I try to be so independent, so strong, so driven, confident, and classy. I want great things for myself so I go after every opportunity presented, including this one. My future, my studies, my passion for beauty, and my career is always front and center. Typical me, I packed up with mere hesitation and came to NY because I knew that this opportunity was undebateably an opportunity to network and grow, and a bonus for my resume and personal development as a young African American woman seeking a career in business. Consequently I put ME to the side. The inner me that enjoys conversations about nothing with my "piece of pie, piece of cake", shopping on a budget with my girls, joy rides and 3:00 am McDonald's trips with my "cool guy", and walking down the hill to spend time with mommy-to-be. I put smiling aside to better my future. While I do not and will not regret my decision, I often contemplate what this summer would be like if I just stayed the Boston girl that I am and spent my summer vacation as just that, a vacation.


br0wnsuga019 said...

Vonnie, I'm so proud of you. I know you may feel alone but, think about how lucky you are!! Girl I would love to be in the big city, living it When I found out that you were going to be living in new york i knew that out of all the "juicy ladies" you would have the most fun, the most stories, and the best make the most of this opportunity, which i know you will!! Love yah sooo much, and i'll be up to visit, me and
much love

Shantia said...

It is always nice to have someone to share your experiences with. I suppose that's why girls always have their best friend who they can share every randomly awesome moment with. On the other hand, when your forced to find yourself you find the greatest bestfreind there is, it's you. Being a true friend to yourself, being totally honest and open, being able to laugh at yourself has to be one of the greatest joy's in life.I love me ,and because I do I have higher expectations from those around me.I know it may be a scary experience for you, but when you truely find yourself you'll see it was well worth it. So keep your head up and your expectations and things will look very different in the "high" life lol.SMOOCHES and a great big HUG IT OUT lol

Elise said...

thanks for your support ladies.

Bee- cant wait until you and cookie come. i've managed to get myself purposely lost, so i've found some places to go

shantia- while you're reading my blog you should write one, really. Thanks for the advice. Every opportunity presents it's ups and downs. And the ups you mentioned are definitely the ones that made my list and made my mind up to come to N.Y, thanks for the support.

Scilw17 said...

Vonnie,words can't express how impressed I am with your blog and your accomplishments. You truely inspirer me to follow my dreams.But i shouldn't be surprised its you after all lol and besides what are big sisters for anyway!? But im proud of you girl and looking forward to what is next to come!

Redd said...

i found myself comparing myself to you and few other friends when it came to my decision of moving to philly and whatnot. like i fugured it you and ina could do it, so can i. but something better came out of my decision and i am more thank content with the way things are going.

with that being said, i would like to hope the best for you. who knows? maybe connie will put in a good word for you and then boom! teen vogue and you're in like that.

just have faith in your decisions even though it may not seem right at this point in time.

trust in yourself.

love you vonnie bonnie!

cupidd58 said...

Miss Elise, my twin! You have no idea how proud I am of you. Even though I haven't known you for too long, I've seen all your trials and tribulations and you have always made a positive impact in everyone's lives; Especially mine! Many people would say that it takes balls to go to a big city and be there all by yourself, but to me it also takes courage and commitment to take that extra step. I for one APPLAUDE you, for who you are, who you will become and that is a STRONG BLACK AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN. Like you said many women cannot say that but YOU just need to keep your head high and praise the most highest and he will shower you with many blessings! I am so very proud and honored to know that you are my twin and I hope that one day I can and will be as strong as you are. Stay strong and Sweet
*Love Always*
Your Twin

ed said...