Friday, September 19, 2008

Her Written Thoughts: Page 4

Thursdays To Do List:

Papers [x]

Tests [x]

Meeting at two [x]

'Sex in the City' Lunch for four [x]

Work from 2 – 5 [x]

Return Calls+Emails [x]

Publish post [x]

Shower [x]

It's about that time.
5 roommates. Full effect. Indirect. The 'open closet policy'. Our dollhouse. Pampering. Speakers blasting. Mirrors occupied. Messy room. Scattered MAC pallets. Two Dabs of Perfume. One Pile of Peep-toe heels. A Little Black Dress. Making quite the impression.
Cash, check.
Cell, check.
Lip gloss, check.
Teeth check.
My girls, check check check.
Its Thursday. College Thursdays. Thirsty Thursdays. The Ride. The crowds. The Lineups. The 'Eligible'. Kiss me, I’m Single. They look. They reach. They signal. With whispers and whistles. I strut. Making Minor side glances. Switching to the beat. Rhythm in each step. Like a boss. A showstopper. vain? pure confidence. i wear it on my sleeve. I take command. Full control and demand. The eyes. The stares. The gazes. Never stopping for small talk. The line? To the front. The Bar? To the front. The dance floor? Center stage. With a man? I think not. My right. My left. My girls. My smile. My charm. My moves. Just for me. Not looking. Searching. Wondering. Wanting. Or Yearning for ‘him’. Its all about ME. New, New. New semester. Scene. Style. Agenda. Not Hidden nor Hurting. First Things First. Putting Me First. Discontinued search for Happiness. Can I find it in me? Oh, i can find it in me. Or is having a man necessary? He's A necessity. Not necessarily. A smile. I created. A relationship, all my own. What better love. No better love. Than the love I have for me. Let’s make a toast. Here's To: Perfectly happy before ‘happily every after’. A fairy tale of my own. My horse and carriage. Just me and my girls.


Anonymous said...

I am feelin this... we need to be happy to spend time our families, friends, and most importantly, ourselves!! Its great to have a man... but only to add to our fabulousness!!

Anonymous said...

love it