Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hair Care is Health Care

How often should I grease my scalp? Is it really necessary to see my hairdresser every two weeks? Whats better, a texturizer or a relaxer? Is mixing a relaxer at home just as good as the products used in the salon?

I bet these are all questions on top of your mind when you're in the hair care aisle at your local CVS or Walgreen's or when chatting it up with your girlfriends over lunch. As with all hygiene care, there's always myths swirling inside and outside the salon. Lucky for the F&F readers, Mrs. K of Hairs Kay, clears it up for all the sisters desiring healthy locks.

Myth: My hairdresser tells me to grease my scalp often because my scalp tends to dry up.

False: Mrs. K says that greasing your scalp clogs your pores. By eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, your hair hydrates itself without the dependency of dandruff shampoos and hair grease.

Concern: Even with the proper hydration my scalp is still dry and itchy.

Mrs K.: Dry and itchy scalp can be the result of a hormonal imbalance, stress, or medication. Birth control is considered a medication btw.

Myth: My hairdresser tells me to come to the salon for a wash every two weeks.

False: Mrs. K says reminds us that our scalp is an extension of our skin. If we bathe daily, we should be washing our hair more frequently as well. A wash every week and eating properly will keep your hair in good shape.

Concern: I am a college student, and going to the salon weekly can become expensive. However, while doing my hair on my own i use a blow dryer and a flat iron which dries my hair out. What should i do?

Mrs. K. recommends that when using heating products such as a flat iron, to use a ceramic product. Brands such as Golden Hot will only damage your hair. To avoid applying such heat to your locks, try towel drying your hair and letting it air dry naturally before flat ironing it straight. Also, try to use the same products you use in the salon so that your hair care treatment remains consistent. Every woman should know what products are being used on their hair when going to salon.

Concern: What can I do to keep my hair healthy?

Mrs K has a salon policy of no chips or soda. Drinking caffeine and eating chips have a lot of salt which contributes the build up and clogging of the pores in your scalp. By eating fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and using the bathroom after each meal, it allows you to have a clean beautiful scalp.

Concern: Should I untangle my hair or improve the conditions of my hair prior to my salon visit?

Mrs. K says absolutely NOT!! Brushing your hair causes discomfort because the bristles irritate your scalp. Also refrain from putting you hair in tight ponytails on the day of your appointment. Simply allow you hair enough time to breath prior to your salon visit.

Preference: Relaxer or Texturizer?

Concern: I do not go to the salon anymore because i feel it is cheaper to do it in my own home. Are there any risks doing my hair without the provision of a professional?

Mrs. K. replies absolutely!! Never do your own relaxer. There may be trace elements left in your hair after being applied. Another person has an overview of your head where they can assure that everything is properly rinsed out. It also allows them to time and monitor your hairs reaction to the chemicals. Also, with allowing someone at home to apply your relaxer do not use mixers!! Mixers are calcium based which makes the hair and scalp hard.

For more information on Mrs. K, check her out here.

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